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My Story 

Hi, I’m Spirulina

I’m the creator of this lifestyle blog that shares all aspects of my everyday life. From food and home to style and beyond, I am passionate about showcasing my experiences living in the Long Island Area of New York with my husband, Dwayne, a talented surgeon with a thriving private practice in Queens, New York. I work for my husband full-time as his medical biller
Our love story is one for the books - We tied the knot last year in Las Vegas before attending a Beyonce concert. When the world was turned upside down in 2020, I found solace in the kitchen. Sharing daily recipes on Instagram Stories became a routine that brought joy to our lives, and it was also a way to connect with and help others during difficult times. As my community grew, I was inspired to share how much fun cooking could be without fear of making mistakes while showing how to make delicious food approachable and uncomplicated.
One of the things that sets my recipes apart is the great music that accompanies them. I credit my dad for my impeccable taste in music. With my fun-loving spirit and passion for cooking, I hope to inspire my readers to enjoy the process of cooking just as much as the result. Thank you for joining me on this journey—I look forward to sharing lots of delicious food and fun times with you!
-Spirulina Rollins ♥
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