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10 Items To Buy At The Dollar Store, And 10 To Avoid At All Costs

The Dollar store is one of my favorite discount stores to shop at, and I swear you will catch me shopping there at least once a week. So, I learned the hard way what you should and should not purchase from this store. On a tight budget, it may seem impossible to afford anything, but one trip to the dollar store will leave you feeling like a millionaire. Ok, that is an exaggeration, but the dollar store can undoubtedly help where you need it. Shop with care. However, some items are a bargain, while others are a complete waste of time.

Office and School Supplies (Good)

While some may advise you to avoid buying these at a dollar store, most office and school supplies still work at a discount price. Look for the brands that you trust. Some things are not worth the buy, like scissors and glue, but most others are.

Tools (Bad)

Any fixing that needs to be repaired around the house grabs your tools anywhere but the dollar store. For something sturdy and reliable to handle any job, you need to pay more. Let your search begin, bargain hunters!

Party Supplies (Good)

It will be a party once you bring in those lit savings from the dollar store. Most decorations wind up being thrown away, even if you pay a higher price. You may as well save on the colorful future trash you are paying for

Pet Food (Bad)

Feed your pets how you want to be fed. If you don't think you deserve cheap, unhealthy meals, then neither do they. Keep those tails wagging strong!

Greeting Cards (Good)

It's nice to gift a card with handwritten words of love. The recipient doesn't have to know you only spent a dollar on it. Write in the best cursive you can to make the guilt fade away, then enjoy the priceless smile your loved one makes when they see your terrible handwriting.

Cleaning Supplies (Good)

An essential for every household. Whether it be mops or buckets, the dollar store has you covered. Just be careful with any chemical-based products. Look for familiar and reliable brands to avoid a cheap product that will cause you and your family harm.

Gum (Bad)

Gum is versatile. It's good for reducing stress, curbing hunger, improving memory, and more, but it's not good at the dollar store. If you like gum, look into buying in bulk because the price of a tiny package is roughly the same in every store. Stock up the year right!

Holiday Decorations (Good)

If you are a fan of holidays, you should be a fan of the dollar store! They sell decorations to spruce up your home for the holidays at a bargain. For something that you're only going to have up for a short time, that's a great deal.

Electronics (Bad)

Even at high prices, electronics do not always work but let's face it, and these devices cost a lot of time and money to make. You still do not have to pay top dollar to afford electronics. Go for deals and sales, then take care of that baby like it was your child.

Gift Wrapping Supplies (Good)

There is no reason why gift bags and tissue paper should be so expensive. Regardless of the price, gift packaging wears out the same. Even if you are the type to hold on to bags, it's still worth it to buy at the dollar store if you run out.

Candles (Bad)

Candles are lovely to have in the house, especially scented ones, but they are much more a pricey luxury, and rightfully so. Cheaper candles do not always burn the right way, or sometimes at all. But maybe you just want them for the show, which is also a bright decision.

Anything Made of Cloth (Bad)

Unless you are strapped for cash and have no other option, avoid buying any cloth material (towels, clothes, etc.) at the dollar store. You get what you give, and if you are paying a low price for durability, expect to run back to buy more because it will not last.

Painkillers (Bad)

When it comes to your health, don't mess around! Unless you find significant brands that everyone can rely on, shop somewhere else for any painkillers. You don't want to waste your money. That'd be a real pain.

Body Care Products (Bad)

Any product that has to do with taking care of your health should be higher than $1 because you are worth it! And no one has time for toxic, cancer-causing chemicals.

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