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4 Simple Infused Waters That Will Help You Hydrate

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

While we all know the importance of drinking plenty of water each day, we also know how hard it can be to do — it’s not exactly the most exciting beverage to enjoy. Since water is such a blank slate, it’s pretty easy to make it a lot more fun. In this post, you will find four fruit infused water ideas that will increase your hydration by adding some fruits to your water. Adding fruits to water not only changes the taste but also adds nutrients and antioxidants. Detox water recipes are something everyone needs in their healthy living weight loss toolkit. These detox water ideas will help you boost your weight loss, flush out the toxins from your liver, lose the belly bloat, and make your skin glow. Even if you are not looking to lose weight, these infused water recipes can help you stay hydrated without getting bored by only plain water. Everyone knows that water super crucial for a healthy lifestyle, but it can be so dull! Below I’m going to share my ingredients for my four infused drinks. I’m also going to give you some ideas to create your very own Fusion drinks with ingredients you can mix to make the perfect drink. For my version of the infusion fruits, I’m using Alkaline water. It is a little pricey, but I like the health benefits as they help slow bone loss.

1. Kiwi, Kemon, Lime and Cucumber, Mint

2. Raspberry, Blackberry, and Ginger

3. Basil, Peach, and Nectar

4. Rosemary, Bloody Orange, and Cara Cara Orange

4 Ingredients

Choose liquids: Water (still or sparkling), green tea, coconut water or other healthy hydrating liquid

Choose fruits: citrus, berries, pineapple, papaya, cucumber, apple, etc.

Choose aromatics, spices, and herbs: Mint, ginger, cinnamon, etc.

Choose health powerhouses: Apple cider vinegar, maca, etc.

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