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5 At-Home Approaches for Sinus Relief

Some of you may know that my hubby Dwayne is an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor here in Queens New York. Dwayne has been having his private practice for 14 years now. He sees a ton of patients who suffer from Sinus related issues. If you've been following me, you know I work for Dwayne as his medical biller. WE have been working together for the last four years. I love working beside my Hunny. In those four years, I have learned a lot about the medical field, and as his biller, I have to read over his notes and bill the insurance companies according to the patient's illness. The majority of our patients suffer from seasonal allergies and sinus infection. With the COVID, many of our patients are opting out of coming to the office, and Dwayne has been doing a lot of tele visits with them. But if you are like a lot of Americans who don’t want to visit your doctor’s office, I have some tips to help you relieve those Sinus pains you might be having.

What is causing your Sinus Problem?

Sinus issues have become increasingly common in the United States. Symptoms can range from irritating (runny noses, stuffiness and sneezing to severe headaches, chest tightness and difficulty breathing. If you suffer from chronic sinus issues or infection, there are at least three possible causes.

ALLERGIES: Inflammation can block nasal passages and prevent draining, allergies are often associated with sinus infection

NASAL POLYPS: Nasal polyps are small, benign growth that develop in nose or sinus tissues and can cause the sinus cavities to become blocked, preventing mucus from draining and leading to a sinus infection.

ASTHMA: People with asthma may express inflammation in the lungs causing chest tightness, coughing and wheezing. Frequently, they also have inflamed nasal passages.

Hot Steam

Hot Steam helps you breathe easier. Linger in a hot shower for the easiest steam treatment.


The steam from a humidifier can moisturize a whole room and, with it, your poor nasal passages

Warm Compress

Relieve some of the pain from pressure in your sinuses with a warm, damp washcloth.

Elevate Your Head At Night

Use an extra pillow to lift your head up to help drain your sinuses.

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water- to help thin your mucus, making it easier to drain.

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