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5 Steps to Create the Perfect Valentine's Day at Home

These are crazy times that we are living. And we have been given something challenging to do. Stay home. With the coronavirus spread, households across the world must embrace the "safer at home" orders. I do not know what states you guys live in, but here in New York, the governor allows for indoor dining but only at a 25% capacity. Suppose you like most of us and cannot get a reservation at your favorite restaurant. In that case, I have a few ideas on having some pandemic-proof valentine's date night ideas that will bring a little inspiration to your home with these fun ways to enjoy your partner's company.

Follow these Steps to Create the Perfect Valentine's Day at Home. Staying in for Valentine's Day? These date ideas and dinner menus can help you elevate your night into something romantic and memorable.

Dress for the Night, Put on your Sunday Best. You want to wear an outfit that you would have worn to a fancy restaurant.

What is on the menu: You want to make a fancy meal or order from one of your favorite restaurants. When the hubby and I could not get a reservation to one of our favorites Steak House, we cooked the food our self. We made Wagyu steak, Grilled Lobster Tail, and Broccoli Rabe.

Do not forget Dessert. Make DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries. You can't get any sexier then having strawberries for dessert. It's something you both can do together if you need a recipe for Chocolate covered strawberry. Click this link.

Open the bubbly It is a romantic day. A nice bottle of champagne, that wine you been saving bring it out, or prosecco can go a long way to make your Valentine’s Day at home a little dreamier!

Candlelight Dinner: Candles are so romantic! Bring out those Fancy candles you have, don’t have any, don’t forget to pick them up. A nice candlelight dinner will set the mood for the night.

Create a Home Spa: Bring out the oils, the roses and make a nice hot bubble bath and take turns giving each other massages.

However, you want to spend Valentine's Day at home, make the best of it. I would love to hear feedback on how you celebrate this romantic day.

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