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Absolut Pear Martini

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Looking for the perfect drink that you can prepare for a special occasion or enjoy anytime? Look no further than my Pear Martini recipe! This delicious cocktail is a refreshing blend of pear vodka, St. Germain Liqueur, and homemade Thymes Simple syrup, with a crisp and delightful pear flavor.

While this cocktail is perfect for the fall season, it's also an excellent choice year-round. To prepare the simple syrup, all you need is sugar and water, which you can melt on the stove on very low heat until it forms a clear sugar syrup with equal water and sugar. You can always purchase simple syrup from your local liquor store, but I highly recommend making it fresh at home for the best taste.

Having a jar of simple syrup at the ready in your fridge makes it easy to prepare pear martinis and other classic cocktails. This cocktail sweetener dissolves easily in your drinks, making it a universal base for your favorite cocktails. So why not try this refreshing Pear Martini recipe for your next gathering or whenever you feel like having a delicious cocktail?


For this drink, I used:


Pear Flavored Martini… The title says it all


2 Parts Pear Vodka (I used Absolut)

1 Part Pear Juice

½ oz St Germain

½ Thymes Simple syrup (I made my own, handful of Thyme  added to the sugar in water in a pot for 10 mins) BASIC SIMPLE SYRUP

1 cup Sugar

1 cup Water

Let it cool for 30 minutes before pouring it into your drink.

Top with Prosecco


Fill in a Martini Shaker with ice

Add all ingredients except for Prosecco

Shake it for 10-15 seconds or until shaker is extremely cold on the outside

Pour into a chilled martini glass top with Prosecco and garnish with a pear slice.

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