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Baked‎ Shrimp‎ ‎Oreganata

Updated: Dec 15, 2023


Shrimp oreganata is a delectable Italian-American dish popularized across the United States. It is primarily made by coating shrimp with moistened breadcrumbs and baking them in the oven until golden brown. The critical ingredients for its unique flavor are white wine, lemon juice, parsley, parmigiana Reggiano or pecorino, garlic-infused breadcrumbs, butter, olive oil, and red pepper flakes. The dish is a concoction of many common Italian-inspired ingredients that work together to create a symphony of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Shrimp is widely regarded as one of the most popular seafood in the United States and is favored by many people due to its versatility. It can be used in a wide range of ethnic dishes and is known for its succulent taste and tender texture. If you are looking to add a delicious and easy-to-make recipe to your repertoire, then shrimp oreganata is an excellent choice that you won't regret! WHAT IS SHRIMP OREGANATA?

It is an Italian-American dish with moistened breadcrumbs on top of shrimp that is then baked in the oven. Shrimp oreganata is almost always made with white wine, lemon juice, parsley, parmigiana Reggiano or pecorino, and garlic-infused breadcrumbs. Butter, olive oil, and red pepper flakes are also generally there. Essentially, many common Italian-inspired ingredients find their way into this dish. Shrimp‎ is‎ the‎ most‎ popular‎ seafood‎ in‎ the‎ United‎ States.‎ ‎ It‎ is‎ a‎ very‎ versatile‎ food‎ ‎ used‎ in‎ a‎ wide‎ range‎ of‎ ethnic‎ dishes.‎ Here‎ is‎ a‎ relatively‎ easy‎ and‎ tasty‎ recipe‎ to‎ add‎ to‎ your‎ repertoire.


2‎ pounds‎ of‎ jumbo‎ shrimp‎ (12-15‎ per‎ pound)

3‎ tablespoons‎ olive‎ oil

2‎ tablespoons‎ fresh‎ squeezed‎ lemon‎ ‎ juice‎

2‎ tablespoons‎ dry‎ white‎ wine‎ (I‎ use‎ pinot‎ ‎ grigio)

3‎ tablespoons‎ grated‎ ‎ parmesan‎ cheese‎

2‎ teaspoons‎ kosher‎ salt‎

1/2‎ teaspoon‎ ground‎ black‎ pepper‎

1/4‎ cup‎ unsalted‎ butter‎

4‎ minced‎ garlic‎ cloves‎

1‎ minced‎ small‎ shallot‎

2‎ tablespoons‎ minced‎ fresh‎ parsley‎

1/2‎ teaspoon‎ of‎ dried‎ oregano‎

1/2‎ teaspoon‎ crushed‎ red‎ pepper‎ flakes

1‎ cup‎ panko‎ (aka‎ Japanese)‎ ‎ bread‎ crumbs‎

Cooking‎ Instructions:

Preheat‎ oven‎ to‎ 425‎ degrees

Make‎ sure‎ that‎ shrimp‎ are‎ peeled‎ and‎ deveined‎ with‎ only‎ tail‎ of‎ shell‎ remaining.‎ ‎ Rinse‎ shrimp‎ with‎ cold‎ water‎ in‎ a‎ strainer‎ and‎ the‎ place‎ on‎ plate‎ and‎ pat‎ shrimp‎ completely‎ dry‎ with‎ paper‎ towels.‎ Next‎ butterfly‎ the‎ shrimp‎ (this‎ will‎ allow‎ for‎ greater‎ surface‎ area‎ and‎ better‎ absorption‎ of‎ cooking‎ ingredients;‎ hence‎ better‎ flavor).‎ Place‎ the‎ shrimp‎ single‎ layer‎ in‎ a‎ baking‎ dish‎ or‎ large‎ cast‎ ‎ iron‎ skillet.‎

Heat‎ olive‎ oil‎ in‎ saucepan‎ over‎ medium‎ heat‎ then‎ add‎ minced‎ garlic,‎ minced‎ shallots,‎ dried‎ oregano,‎ salt,‎ black‎ pepper,‎ red‎ pepper‎ flakes‎ and‎ minced‎ parsley‎ and‎ saute‎ for‎ 5‎ minutes‎ while‎ gently‎ stirring‎ the‎ mixture.‎ ‎ Next‎ add‎ the‎ panko‎ bread‎ crumbs,‎ parmesan‎ cheese,‎ butter‎ and‎ white‎ wine‎ and‎ cook‎ an‎ additional‎ ‎ minute‎ until‎ butter‎ is‎ completely‎ melted‎ again‎ stir‎ mixture‎ until‎ consistent‎ throughout.

Pour‎ the‎ mixture‎ evenly‎ over‎ the‎ shrimp‎ that‎ were‎ already‎ arranged‎ in‎ the‎ baking‎ dish.‎ ‎ Next‎ drizzle‎ the‎ lemon‎ juice‎ over‎ the‎ coated‎ shrimp‎ and‎ bake‎ for‎ 10-12‎ minutes‎ in‎ preheated‎ oven‎ at‎ 425‎ degrees‎ and‎ then‎ alone‎ or‎ over‎ rice‎ or‎ pasta.

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