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It is an Italian American dish with moistened breadcrumbs on top of shrimp that is then baked in the oven.  Shrimp oreganata is almost always made with some white wine, lemon juice, parsley, parmigiana Reggiano or pecorino, and garlic infused breadcrumbs.  Butter, olive oil, and red pepper flakes are normally in there as well.  Essentially, many common Italian inspired ingredients find their way into this dish. Shrimp‎ is‎ the‎ most‎ popular‎ seafood‎ in‎ the‎ United‎ States.‎ ‎ It‎ is‎ a‎ very‎ versatile‎ food‎ that‎ is‎ used‎ in‎ a‎ wide‎ range‎ of‎ ethnic‎ dishes.‎ Here‎ is‎ a‎ relatively‎ easy‎ and‎ tasty‎ recipe‎ to‎ add‎ to‎ your‎ repertoire.


2‎ pounds‎ of‎ jumbo‎ shrimp‎ (12-15‎ per‎ pound)

3‎ tablespoons‎ olive‎ oil

2‎ tablespoons‎ fresh‎ squeezed‎ lemon‎ ‎ juice‎

2‎ tablespoons‎ dry‎ white‎ wine‎ (I‎ use‎ pinot‎ ‎ grigio)

3‎ tablespoons‎ grated‎ ‎ parmesan‎ cheese‎

2‎ teaspoons‎ kosher‎ salt‎

1/2‎ teaspoon‎ ground‎ black‎ pepper‎

1/4‎ cup‎ unsalted‎ butter‎

4‎ minced‎ garlic‎ cloves‎

1‎ minced‎ small‎ shallot‎

2‎ tablespoons‎ minced‎ fresh‎ parsley‎

1/2‎ teaspoon‎ of‎ dried‎ oregano‎

1/2‎ teaspoon‎ crushed‎ red‎ pepper‎ flakes

1‎ cup‎ panko‎ (aka‎ Japanese)‎ ‎ bread‎ crumbs‎

Cooking‎ Instructions:

Preheat‎ oven‎ to‎ 425‎ degrees

Make‎ sure‎ that‎ shrimp‎ are‎ peeled‎ and‎ deveined‎ with‎ only‎ tail‎ of‎ shell‎ remaining.‎ ‎ Rinse‎ shrimp‎ with‎ cold‎ water‎ in‎ a‎ strainer‎ and‎ the‎ place‎ on‎ plate‎ and‎ pat‎ shrimp‎ completely‎ dry‎ with‎ paper‎ towels.‎ Next‎ butterfly‎ the‎ shrimp‎ (this‎ will‎ allow‎ for‎ greater‎ surface‎ area‎ and‎ better‎ absorption‎ of‎ cooking‎ ingredients;‎ hence‎ better‎ flavor).‎ Place‎ the‎ shrimp‎ single‎ layer‎ in‎ a‎ baking‎ dish‎ or‎ large‎ cast‎ ‎ iron‎ skillet.‎

Heat‎ olive‎ oil‎ in‎ saucepan‎ over‎ medium‎ heat‎ then‎ add‎ minced‎ garlic,‎ minced‎ shallots,‎ dried‎ oregano,‎ salt,‎ black‎ pepper,‎ red‎ pepper‎ flakes‎ and‎ minced‎ parsley‎ and‎ saute‎ for‎ 5‎ minutes‎ while‎ gently‎ stirring‎ the‎ mixture.‎ ‎ Next‎ add‎ the‎ panko‎ bread‎ crumbs,‎ parmesan‎ cheese,‎ butter‎ and‎ white‎ wine‎ and‎ cook‎ an‎ additional‎ ‎ minute‎ until‎ butter‎ is‎ completely‎ melted‎ again‎ stir‎ mixture‎ until‎ consistent‎ throughout.

Pour‎ the‎ mixture‎ evenly‎ over‎ the‎ shrimp‎ that‎ were‎ already‎ arranged‎ in‎ the‎ baking‎ dish.‎ ‎ Next‎ drizzle‎ the‎ lemon‎ juice‎ over‎ the‎ coated‎ shrimp‎ and‎ bake‎ for‎ 10-12‎ minutes‎ in‎ preheated‎ oven‎ at‎ 425‎ degrees‎ and‎ then‎ alone‎ or‎ over‎ rice‎ or‎ pasta.

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