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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Hello Readers! As some may know, my hubby Dwayne is a Surgeon by day, and when we get home from work, he’s a top chef. Dwayne loves to cook and play around in the kitchen, but I had Dwayne share with you guys his famous black-eyed peas recipe for today's post. Black Eyed Peas are a classic Southern dish packed with flavor. This black eyed pea recipe with bacon is the perfect thing to eat for New Year’s (a good luck tradition), and it makes a great dinner or side dish for any comforting meal! It's a fan favorite and always on the menu for Soul Food Sundays that we have at our house. So below, you see hubby sharing his thoughts and stories behind his Black-eyed peas dish.

I‎ grew‎ up‎ in‎ a‎ large‎ family‎ with‎ modest‎ means‎ , and‎ beans‎ were‎ ‎the‎ main‎ staple‎ of‎ our‎ diet‎ due‎ to‎ there‎ low‎ cost.‎ ‎  I was not too fond of‎ beans‎ when‎ I‎ was‎ a‎ kid‎ and‎ ate‎ them‎ for‎ survival‎ rather‎ than‎ enjoyment.‎ ‎ As‎ an‎ adult,‎ I‎ have‎ come‎ to‎ appreciate‎ a‎ much‎ greater‎ breadth‎ of‎ food.‎ Approximately‎ seven‎ years‎ ago,‎ I‎ began‎ working‎ on‎ a‎ black-eyed‎ peas‎ recipe‎ as‎ a‎ challenge‎ to‎ myself‎ to‎ see‎ if‎ I‎ could‎ transform‎ it‎ into‎ something‎ that‎ I‎ took‎ pleasure‎ eating‎ over‎ and‎ over‎ again.‎ ‎ Finally,‎ after‎ many‎ tries,‎ I‎ came‎ up‎ with‎ the‎ following‎ ‎recipe.


1.‎ ‎ 1‎ pound‎ black-eyed‎ peas‎ (soaked‎ in‎ water‎ overnight‎ in‎ the‎ refrigerator‎ and‎ then‎ drain‎ water‎ before‎ placing‎ in‎ the pot‎ before‎ cooking)‎

2.‎ ‎ ‎ 4‎ smoked‎ pork‎ ham‎ hocks‎ (may‎ substitute‎ similar‎ sized‎ pieces‎ of‎ smoked‎ turkey)

3.‎ ‎ ‎ 1‎ medium-sized‎ diced‎ yellow‎ onion‎

4.‎ ‎ 4‎ large‎ celery‎ ribs‎ diced

5.‎ ‎ 4‎ medium‎ to‎ large‎ bay‎ leaves

6.‎ ‎ 4-6‎ thyme‎ sprigs

7.‎ ‎ 4‎ slices‎ of‎ cooked‎ bacon‎ (diced)‎ and‎ a‎ small‎ amount‎ ‎ of‎ bacon‎ grease

8.‎ ‎ Garlic‎ powder‎ (not‎ garlic‎ salt)‎ to‎ the season‎ to‎ taste‎ near‎ the‎ end‎ of‎ cooking

9.‎ ‎ Onion‎ powder‎ (not‎ onion‎ salt)‎ to‎ the season‎ to‎ taste‎ at‎ the‎ end‎ of‎ cooking

10.‎ Black‎ pepper‎ to‎ season‎ to‎ taste‎ at the end of‎ cooking‎

11.‎ ‎ Ground‎ cayenne‎ pepper‎ to‎ season‎ to‎ taste‎ at the end of‎ cooking.

Cooking‎ Instructions:‎

1.‎ ‎ Place‎ ham‎ hocks‎ in‎ cast‎ iron‎ 6-quart‎ pot‎ and‎ use‎ enough‎ ‎ water‎ to‎ ‎ cover‎ the‎ ham‎ hocks.‎ ‎ Cover‎ and‎ bring‎ to‎ boil‎ and‎ then‎ lower‎ heat‎ to‎ medium‎ and‎ cook‎ ham‎ hocks‎ for‎ 1‎ 1/2‎ to‎ 2‎ hours‎ until‎ fork-tender.‎ ‎

2.‎ ‎ Add‎ diced‎ celery‎ and‎ onions‎ after‎ cooking‎ ham‎ hocks‎ for‎ 1‎ hour‎ and‎ cover‎ ‎ (the‎ celery‎ and‎ onions‎ will‎ liquefy‎ over‎ time)

3.‎ ‎ Next,‎ add‎ the‎ drained‎ black-eyed‎ peas,‎ bay‎ leaves,‎ thyme,‎ diced‎ bacon‎ , and‎ bacon‎ grease‎ and‎ cook‎ an‎ additional‎ 45‎ minutes‎ to‎ 1‎ hour‎ at‎ low,‎ medium‎ heat‎ uncovered‎ until‎ black-eyed‎ peas‎ are‎ desired‎ texture.‎ Make‎ sure‎ to‎ stir‎ frequently‎ ‎ so‎ that‎ beans‎ do‎ not‎ stick‎ to‎ the‎ bottom‎ of‎ the‎ pot‎ and‎ ‎ add‎ additional‎ ‎ water‎ if‎ the‎ bean‎ mixture‎ ‎ becomes‎ too‎ thick.

4.‎ Toward‎ the‎ end‎ of‎ cooking,‎ add‎ the‎ garlic‎ powder,‎ onion‎ powder,‎ black‎ pepper‎ , and‎ cayenne‎ pepper‎ to‎ desired‎ taste.

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