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Christmas Countdown Calendar of Family Fun Activities

Have the best holiday Christmas season ever! Count down the 25 days of Christmas with this introduction calendar of fun family activities. This Christmas might be different than we have ever seen before. Still, since the world has changed and we are celebrating the holidays slightly differently this year, I thought it would be fun and exciting to have a countdown to Christmas, giving you something to look forward. So from December 1st until December 25th, I put together some fun family activities to do.

December 1st

Put Up the Christmas tree

December 2nd

Decorate the House for Christmas

December 3rd

String Popcorn for the tree

December 4th

Make Ornaments by hand on the tree

December 5th

Make Handmade Christmas Cards

December 6th

Family video Of Christmas Greetings

December 7th

Donate to local food kitchen

December 8th

Watch a favorite Holiday movie

December 9th

Have a Game night in your Pajamas

December 10th

Read your favorite Christmas book

December 11th

Write letter to Santa

December 12th

Make Christmas Candy

December 13th

Make a Home-Made Snow Globe

December 14th

Donate toys to the less Fortunate

December 15th

Drive Around and look at Christmas Lights

December 16th

Take Photo in the snow

December 18th

Write your Letter to Santa

December 19th

Build a gingerbread House

December 20th

Roast Marshmallows

December 21st

Make Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow

December 22nd

Bake Holiday Cookies

December 23rd

Read the Christmas Story together

December 24th

Host a Cookie Decorating Party

December 25th

Share one thing you love about one another

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