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Christmas Punch

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Are you looking for a non-alcoholic Christmas punch recipe that the kids and adults will enjoy and love? If so, this simple mixture of juice and ginger ale, with slices of red apples, It's the perfect drink for Christmas morning or anytime during the holiday season. This simple and easy Christmas drink mock-tail is perfect for Christmas holiday gatherings! The children can’t get enough of this delicious fruity drink. It’s effortless to make with just a few ingredients cranberry juice, Orange Juice, pineapple juice, and ginger ale. Add some apple slices for a fruity drink.


  • Made with simple ingredients, available in your local super market store.

  • Only 5 ingredients ! Put this Christmas punch together in less than 5-minutes!

  • Perfect holiday punch for a crowd with incredible flavors. Inexpensive ingredients! Some of you may already have these juices in your fridge

  • Non Alcoholic – This non-alcoholic punch recipe is perfect for kids and adults!


2 Cups Cranberry

2 Cup Orange Juice

1 Cup Pineapple Juice

1 Cup Ginger Ale

1 Large Apple Slice


  • Pour the Juices in a Large Pitcher

  • Top with the Ginger Ale

  • Now add your Apple Slices

  • Pour over Ice

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