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Cranberry Orange Margarita Recipe

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

If you asked me to think of a flavor, besides apple and pumpkin, that reminds you of this time of year, what would it be? I would have to say cranberry myself. Cranberries are just delicious in everything from Thanksgiving side dishes to holiday cocktails! It may only be October, but November is a couple of days away. Let us get in the holiday spirit. This time of the year is the most joyous and gives us a reason to celebrate. While preparing my holiday menu, I have been at my home bar mixing up drinks that I think my family would enjoy for the holiday dinner. This margarita is one of the drinks I came up with, and I did a test run on my friends for Taco Tuesday and had them be my taste tester. It was a significant hit. They loved it. They responded that it was refreshing and tasty, and they thought they would not enjoy cranberry flavored margaritas. I suggest that you bookmark this drink recipe for Thanksgiving time because this Cranberry Orange Margarita recipe would be such a fun way to use up any leftover cranberries lying around the house.  Adding the orange juice also gives the drink a fruity flavor. Cranberry and orange juice are a great blend of crisp and a little sour mixture. Let us say it is a great combination of flavorings.

I know this drink will be a hit at your holiday party or to drink on a Friday night at the crib. Like I said before, I made this drink for the Taco Tuesday gathering at my home, and it was a hit. I had to make a second pitcher for my friends because they enjoyed it some much. I usually let it chill for a couple of hours before serving, but my friends could not wait. If you are looking for a way to spice your margarita up this holiday season, this may be the drink for you.  You also check out my other fall Margarita drinks and cocktail that I posted here on the blog. I am so much in the fall spirit that I have been mixing up some drinks for the season. I will link my other cocktail drinks post to this article. I hope to hear you guys feedback on this drink; let me know how it turned out. Also, do not forget to send pictures.

Golden Apple Cider Margarita

Absolut Pear Martini

Tequila: This is a must in Margaritas. I’d recommend the silver tequila because it is lighter in

color and won’t turn your margarita a golden-brown color.

Cointreau: This orange flavored liquor is what gives this margarita a flavorful edge above the rest of the orange flavor liqueur.

Agave: I use agave in my margarita recipes as a replacement for a simple syrup. I find it is lighter and not as sweet.

Lime Juice: The fresh lime juice cuts through the thickness of the agave and gives you that true margarita flavor!

Cranberries & Rosemary Sprigs: This is more for festive colors, not as much for the taste!

Let me give you a little history lesson on Tequila to have a better understanding of how it will affect your cocktail.

Differences between Gold and Silver Tequila

Color of Gold vs Silver Tequila

The main difference which can be spotted almost immediately is the difference in color. Silver tequila has a clear transparent look which makes it appear as clear as water. The gold tequila has a brown almost caramel appearance as it is matured in barrels. The process makes the drink absorb a different color and flavor from the wood it is stored in.

Process of Gold vs Silver Tequila

Gold tequila is stored in barrels for a while during the aging process. The longer the tequila ages the more the perceived quality and price. Silver tequila can be packaged between anything less than two months after the making process.

Finished Product of Gold vs Silver Tequila

The process of making gold tequila is completed once additives and the necessary coloring is added. Silver tequila is packaged in its purest form without any additives.

Taste of Gold vs Silver Tequila

Gold tequila has a rather smooth bearable taste. This taste is acquired from the aging and flavoring processes. Silver tequila has a harsh taste which often make consumers cringe when taking straight shots



1 Oz cranberry juice

1-OZ Orange Juice

1-OZ Agave

lime juice (fresh is best) I squeezed one large Lime

2-cup tequila of Choice

1 Oz Cointreau (or another orange-flavored liqueur)



In a small to medium-sized jar or pitcher, add the tequila, Cointreau, Agave, and fresh lime juice, cranberry and Orange Juice. Prepare this mixture at least a couple hours prior to serving the margaritas, and place in refrigerator to chill.

This recipe will make 4 medium-sized margaritas or 6 smaller ones. Gather 4 to 6 medium or small glasses and get started! If salting the rims of your glasses, run the cut edge of a lime wedge around the rim of a glass and dip the rim into a small plate of coarse salt. lime wedges, cranberries, and sugar to rim glass

Repeat with remaining glasses.

Add ice to prepared glasses and divide chilled tequila mixture amongst the glasses.

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