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Creative Date Night Ideas

How to Have a Fun Night with Your Spouse

Date night is so crucial for a healthy relationship. – it fosters communication, increases feelings of intimacy, decreases the chances of taking each other for granted, decreases stress, and builds attachment. So, every week, Dwayne and I pick a day of the week to spend time celebrating our love. Date night has become a staple in our relationship. We take turns being in charge of deciding where we go for dinner or an activity. By having a date night, it keeps the excitement of our bond special with one another. Our union is thriving, and part of that is because we have made time alone as a couple a priority. So, are you Struggling to figure out what to do on date night? I know COVID-19 has changed our way of life. A lot of things that we usually would do no longer exist, or you might have a hard time getting a reservation. My first tip is to agree with who is planning a date night. Each week, Dwayne and I take turns planning the event for Date night. We have been planning our date nights at restaurants lately that we always wanted to try but never got a chance to try out. So we make rules for Date night. You might want to write these down. It makes for a nice happy night.

1. Minimize Distraction: Keep your phones in your purse or pocket. It's not quality time if you are giving your attention to something else.

2. Keep Conversation Light and Fun: Make sure not to bring up kids, work or money, or business. Since Dwayne and I work together, sometimes we like to talk about what happens at work or if it might have been drama. It's not always good to bring work home.

3. Make it an Event: Make sure to show that this time together is essential and valued.

4. Focus on Each Other: Treat one another like it's the first date and get to know each other once again.

5. Make Date Night a Special Night. Put some time and effort into your plans and yourself. Get made up. Make a reservation at that restaurant. Buy your loved one some flowers. You want to Treat this date as you would have treated a date before getting together or married.

Aim to impress.

I love asking Dwayne silly questions. It keeps our conversation light and fun, and believe it or not, I always learn something new about him. One of the fun things Dwayne and I do, is come up with four questions to ask each other on date night. It makes the night fun and interesting because you would be learning something new about your loved one.

I am going to give you guys some of my top questions that I ask Dwayne before. It should help you with coming up with questions to ask.

Make your date nights a success with these fun date night questions.

  • What Superpower do you wish you had? And why

  • If a movie was to be made about your life what Celebrity would you want to play you

  • What are two things on your bucket list?

  • What Food Could you not live without?

  • If stranded on a deserted Island, what three items would you want with you?

  • What have been your most embarrassing moment?

Let me know how it goes! I want to hear how you guys Date night turns out.

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