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Date Night Idea:A day at the Pumpkin Patch

Are you ready to have an amazing romantic season?

What more pleasant season is there to fall in love–or to rekindle your passion? Whether you are casually dating, in a serious relationship, engaged, or married, fall is the perfect time to snatch someone special and go on an adventure.

Fall is the perfect time for outing and dates with your significant other since the COVID changes the way we interact with one another. Having a planned date outside is the way to go. If you are looking for something new to do for date night, the pumpkin patch is the perfect outdoor activity to do. The hubby planned a nice romantic day at the pumpkin patch for me over the week. I did not know he had this up to his sleeve. As you all know, COVID has changed our lives and the way we have a date night. Many of our favorite restaurants have not reopened back up yet, or there is a limited number of crowds that allow having in at one time. I think in NYC its 25% compacity and they are not offering a full menu; plus, you know you must make reservations for these restaurants, and good luck on that. Everyone wants to get back to our everyday lives and have a nice dinner on the town. So, my best advice is to plan ahead of time for your date night celebrations. But here are the things Dwayne and I did at the pumpkin patch so it can give you guys some ideas.


AS some of my readers may know, I went all out this year for my outdoor front porch décor. I added pumpkins to my walkway and porch; here is the link, but I have many bunny rabbits around my house so that a lot of them. Going to the Pumpkin Patch was another reason for our outing to replace my pumpkins that the Rabbits had a meal out of it. It was so fun being able to compare pumpkins and to pick them out with Hubby. It was a joy doing this together, and the last time I went to a Pumpkin Patch was thirty years ago.

Sunflower Picking

Sunflower is my favorite flowers; I’m not a rose girl, and two weeks prior, Dwayne brought home Sunflowers for me. As for mother nature, my flowers died,  So this was perfect that I got a chance to pick out fresh sunflower that  I like the most it was exceptional for me to be able to choose my flowers; I was able to bring them home and have it for décor for my dining room table.

Vegetable Picking

Nothing is better than a nice meal with fresh vegetables on a fall night. Pick your beets, eggplant, and string beans straight from the field. I was able to pick fresh vegetables that I want growing at home in my backyard garden.


Corn mazes are screams fall season. Suppose you can visit a haunted corn maze, even better. This is perhaps the ultimate in fall date ideas for couples, and it is easy to find a corn maze in most places! The farm we went to is in Long Island, New York; it is called Schmitt’s Family Farm. Dwayne and I did the 45 minutes corn maze walk. It was so impressive it gave us a lot of time to talk and explore the maze. The theme of this year’s corn maze is “Arabian Nights, Legend of The Lamp. WE had a blast, I may say.


Why is fall food so good? Cider donuts are one of the mine's absolute favorite fall treats. It's best if you get them fresh at the farm. After our 45-minute walking through the Maze, we order donuts, and Cider sits down on the bench and rests our feet. It was friendly people watching and looking at the view.

Dinner Time

After the Pumpkin patch outing Hubby took me for a nice dinner at a steak house. The location was perfect. Next Door to the Schmitt’s Family Farm. Blackstone Steakhouse. Blackstone has a large open-air space with a retractable roof, greatfor COVID your able to enjoy eating there without out thinking about the risk of COVID. Good tasting food eloquently presented. Attentive service and perfect ambiance Excellent cuts of meat, giant potatoes, great salad. Both Dwayne I order the steak, I had the T-bone steak and Dwayne order the Porterhouse. This was a great way to end the night.

I hope that reading my date with the hubby will give you some ideas for your next date night adventures.

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