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Delicious Twix Iced Coffee: A Recipe with a Kick".

"Experience the Fierce Coffee Flavor of a Twix Iced Coffee".

Have you ever heard of a Twix Iced Coffee? It's a perfect blend of bold coffee and delicious chocolate caramel flavor. Give it a try and experience the fierce coffee flavor of Twix Iced Coffee.

If you're in the mood for a decadent and indulgent drink, why not try a Twix candy bar Iced Coffee? This delicious recipe starts with a base of Stok Brew ice Coffee, which is known for its smooth and rich flavor. Next, Jägermeister cold brew coffee is added to give the drink an extra kick of caffeine and complexity.

To sweeten things up, a hint of Torani Classic Caramel is added, which adds a rich and buttery flavor to the drink. To balance out the sweetness, International Delight French Vanilla creamer is added, which also gives the drink a creamy and smooth texture.

To top things off, Reddi Whip is added for an extra layer of decadence. Then, the drink is sprinkled with Twix shaker seasoning blend, which adds a delicious and unique flavor profile to the drink. Finally, the drink is served with a Twix chocolate rim, which adds an extra chocolatey crunch to every sip.

Overall, this Twix candy bar Iced Coffee recipe is the perfect indulgent treat for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth and get their caffeine fixed at the same time.

Please find below the recipe for a coffee-based drink


- 1 cup of Stok Cold Brew Coffee

- 0.5 oz of International Delight French Vanilla

- 0.5 oz of Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee

- 0.5 oz of Torani Classic Caramel

- Reddi Whip

- Twix Shakers seasoning (add as much as you like)

- Ghirardelli sea salt caramel (for topping)

- Twix Crunchy Chocolate spread (to rim your glass)


1. Rim your glass with Twix Crunchy Chocolate spread.

2. Mix Stok Cold Brew Coffee, International Delight French Vanilla, Jagermeister Cold Brew Coffee, and Torani Classic Caramel in a shaker with ice.

3. Shake the mixture well and pour it into the glass.

4. Top with Reddi Whip.

5. Sprinkle Twix Shakers seasoning on top.

6. Finish by adding Ghirardelli Sea salt caramel on top.

Enjoy your delicious coffee drink!

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