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Effen Raspberry Rosé Spritz

Sip Of Summer

Summer is finally here! And, yes, that means day drinking season is about to be lit. After the summer we had last year, I'm outside all summer long, And I love making a fruity cocktail, and my new Love for Rose Wine has me behind the bar, becoming the go-to bartender for my friends and family.

A couple of weeks ago, I invited a couple of friends over for Taco Tuesday. And the first thing my friends said to me is where the cocktails. My Local wine shop staff knows how much I love making homemade cocktails, so if they get in some new flavor alcohol, they give me a call. They just received a shipment of Effen Rose Vodka. They knew I would love it since I am always purchasing a bottle of Rose wine. So, since my friends wanted me to mix up some new drinks for them, I went behind my bar and put together what I had lying around on top of my bar, which was a bottle of Rose wine, some simple syrup, and sprinkling tonic water, I was snacking on some raspberries. Hence, I thought I would add them to the drink, and what do you know, the girls went crazy over this drink. Unfortunately, I ran out of Effen Vodka and had to make a phone call to my local wine shop so they can deliver more.

That's the best thing about my neighborhood; you can get home deliveries of alcohol. The wine shop makes deliveries free of charge.

My hubby joked and said this drink should be called sip of summer since the girl’s love drinking it while relaxing outside on the patio. Hangouts on my deck have been a weekly event for my friends and me. The weekends are the best time when I good real creative behind my bar. But for the last couple of meets up I have been making this Effen Raspberry Rosé Spritz for my friends, even the Hubby request a glass of this drink at times, which is crazy because he is not a guy that likes fruits in his cocktail.

If you want to impress your friends with your bartending skills, this Effen Rose is the perfect drink to serve them. If you are trying to have a lit summer like me, below are some of the cocktails I like to make when I am hosting a small gathering.


Notorious Pink Rose

Effen Rose Vodka

Simple Syrup

San Pellegrino Citrus Italian Sparkling Tonic

Fill your cocktail glass with ice.

Add six Fresh Raspberries

Add 1- Part Effen Rose Vodka

3 Part rose Wine (I am using Notorious Pink)

½ Simply Syrup (I am using Skinny Girl Zero Calories)

Top with Tonic

Garnish With Raspberries

Add 1-part Effen rosé vodka, 3 parts Rose wine, and ½ part simple syrup into a cocktail shaker. Muddle 6 raspberries or add to shaker. Strain over ice and top with sparkling Tonic. Garnish with raspberries

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