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Food Shortage of 2021

Are you prepared for another food shortage? Are your covers full or half full? Do you take inventory of your food, especially your can and jar foods? If the answer to these questions is no, I think it is time to get prepared now. Your home should always be stocked for a three-month emergency in case there’s another disaster. If last year didn’t teach us anything, then maybe we need a serious reality check!

Stop daydreaming and set up a plan. First, you need to buy food for each family member in the house, so it would be wise to write down everyone’s favorite foods. It would be great if most of your household pretty much likes the same foods; Well, let’s not pretend we live in a perfect house, so stop dreaming while you’re ahead.

Would you please make sure to implement healthy foods into this emergency staff because the last thing you need is an unhealthy “family? “Frozen vegetables and canned or jar fruit should always be on your list along with can meats like Corned Beef, which will make great hashed with potatoes and onions.

Spaghetti and noodles have a long shelf life, and you can make large pasta meals such as lasagna or spaghetti and meatballs balls, a nice summer pasta salad with olives, onions, and pimentos. So, try to be a bit creative while stretching your meals for leftovers. You should also appoint one person over the distribution of the foot because the last thing you need is a “who ate me? Make sure to place day dotes on your food while using the old food first.

Always keep snacks handy because snacks tend to cheer up children and adults. Make sure that you stay dehydrated by stocking up on drinks such as water. Gatorade or Coconut water is essential for your health. Also, keep in mind that Beef Jerky, tuna, spam, and sardines can be served with crackers as a snack, and you can use dry milk and eggs for cereal and baking if there’s a shortage of dairy in the stores. By any means necessary, plan, plan, plan and become proactive because it’s essential for you and your family, to work together during such a sensitive time to ensure that you get through it together and remain safe and stress-free.

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This article is very detailed we should all take notes.

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