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Four Fizzy Cocktails Made With Prosecco

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

A little bit of sparkling prosecco will make any drink a lot more joyful. Whip up one of these simple, gorgeous prosecco cocktails the next time you need to impress your friends or want to make a fancy cocktail. Another round of cocktails, anyone!? If you are a fan of Prosecco, today you are in luck because I have got another delicious cocktail recipe for you, my friend!

I have put a delicious spin on the traditional glass of Prosecco and present to you…  Mago Basil, Kiwi Lime, Raspberries Lemon and Berry Mint.

For all ingredients you will need 1 ½ Simple Syrup 1 shot of Vodka top with Prosecco. Muddled the fruits in four separate bowls or Jar


Mango Basil  Prosecco

8 Basil leaves

1 shot Simple Syrup

1 shot Vodka

Top off with Prosecco

Kiwi Lime Prosecco

1 lime squeeze

2 Kiwi

1 Shot Vodka

Top off with prosecco

Raspberries Lemon Prosecco

2 handful raspberries

Half lemon

1 shot of Vodka

1 ½ simple syrup

Berry Mint Prosecco 

2 handful of Blackberries

1 handful of Blue Berries

3 Strawberries

3 mint leaves

In four separate containers Muddled the fresh fruit and add the 1 ½ simple syrup to the mix…  

In your wine glass add your Muddled fruit, add the 1 shot of Vodka and Top it with Prosecco. You can add ice if you like your drinks super cold.

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