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Golden Apple Cider Margarita

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Now‎ we‎ have‎ transitioned‎ from‎ summer‎ to‎ fall,‎ I‎ thought‎ ‎ of‎ an‎ appropriate‎ ‎ cocktail‎ that‎ exemplifies‎ this‎ period.‎ ‎ When‎ contemplating‎ my‎ decision,‎ I‎ sought‎ out‎ a‎ drink‎ ‎ that‎ had‎ the‎ spiciness‎ and‎ kicked‎ to‎ soothe‎ me‎ from‎ the‎ forthcoming‎ drops‎ in‎ temperature.‎ Considering‎ all‎ factors‎ ,‎ I‎ think‎ ‎ this‎ is‎ the‎ perfect‎ drink‎ that‎ checks‎ all‎ the‎ boxes. A pinch of apple cider with tequila and a touch of Grand Marnier make this simple, tasty Golden Apple Cider Margarita. The perfect cocktail to celebrate the upcoming fall season! I love playing bartender at home. My mother was in town to visit Dwayne and me, and ever since I introduced my mother to Margarita, this has been her favorite drink. Well, it is her go-to drink when she comes to visit, or we go out for dinner. I wanted to spice up her favorite drink and make something special for her. Since Fall is my mother's favorite season, I thought I would come up with a cold drink that makes you think of the autumn weather.

Last week I purchased some pear juice to make with my Pear Martini and had some Pear juice leftover. Also, I made Homemade Simply Syrup with Fresh Thymes from my back-yard garden. Dwayne is a big fan Of Spice Apple Cider, so I had that in my fridge. I hate to let good food and drinks go to waste, so I thought about combining these great ingredients to make a fantastic drink. I put my bartending skill to the test and came up with what I call A Golden Apple Cider Margarita. When I tell you guys, this was a fan favorite at my house over the week. My sister Falina who is not a tequila drinker, helped herself to a second glass. Dwayne told me this is a must beverage for our next holiday party. So, I thought, since it was a favorite at my house, you guys would enjoy this drink as well. So we are on the subject of margarita  I thought I would give you guys some History lesson on Margarita below!


Refreshing Facts About Margaritas

Margarita Fun Facts:

The original Margarita was invented in 1948 by socialite Margarita Sames. According to the legend it was during a party at her hacienda in Acapulco that Margarita began experimenting with ‘the drink’. Looking for something to cut the dust of a hot afternoon, she mixed Tequila Herradura, Cointreau and fresh lime juice. Her cocktail kept the party going for two weeks and today the Margarita is the #1 most popular cocktail in the U.S.

  • February 20th is National Margarita Day

  • The Margarita was the most popularly ordered drink in 2008, representing 18 percent of all mixed drink sales in the U.S., followed by the Martini, Rum and Coke, Vodka and Tonic, and the Cosmopolitan

  • On average, Americans consume 185,000 Margaritas per hour

  • Atlanta, Miami, St. Louis, and Nashville are among the best major metro cities for the Margarita

  • The first frozen margarita machine was invented in 1971 and it was based off a soft-serve ice cream machine

  • The U.S. is the number one tequila market – larger and more important than Mexico.

Okay, guys, since we finish with history lessons, here are the ingredients and directions for making this Golden Apple Cider Margarita.


1 oz Grand Marnier

2 oz Tequila (Your Favorite Choice) I’m using CasaMigos because I love the smooth taste of the Tequila

1 oz apple cider spice

½ oz Pear Juice

½ oz Thymes Simple Syrup (You can find my Home Simple Syrup in this link )

Cinnamon Stick

Red Apple



Chocolate sugar, apple slices, cinnamon stick, or Rim of your choice.


Sprinkle Chocolate sugar on a flat plate or Bowl. Rub a Red Apple segment around rim of glass then press into sugar mixture to coat.

Mix The Grand Marnier, tequila, and apple cider with the simple Syrup and Pear Juice all together in cocktail shaker with a bit of  ice.

Add crushed ice to glass and pour cider mixture over ice.

Garnish with apple slices and cinnamon stick.

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