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Holiday Punch

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

This Christmas punch is a blend of raspberries, blackberries, lime, and cranberry, all mixed into a fizzy beverage that is perfect for your holiday party. A festive and refreshing drink to celebrate the holiday season. You guys know I am always at my home bar creating drinks for my friends and family. Like I said before, through my college years, I used to bartend. So, I will forever have that job skill.

Over the weekend, the hubby and I hosted our Annual Christmas dinner at our home. We hired a private chef, and I was on duty as the bartender in charge. Well, I made a couple of drinks ahead of time. Some of the employees and their spouses do not drink, so I made them a Christmas Punch mocktail, and for those who do enjoy a cocktail, I made A Holiday Punch, that is what I am calling this drink.

It just reminds me of the holiday season, with the taste and smell of cranberry, mint, and Rosemary. This drink was a hit, and I did not realize my staff would enjoy it some much; I would have made more. But if you are hosting a family or friends gathering, this drink should be on the menu. It is so easy to make, and you can find the ingredient at your local supermarket. If you cannot find the Black Cherry Sparkling water, you can easily substitute it for any Sparkling water of your choice. I love to hear your guy's feedback on this drink. Let me know if you made it and how it turned out. You can leave a comment below or hit me up on social media. Jillion Trinkets is my username. Okay, let us get started on this Holiday Punch.


  • 3 cups Cran-raspberries juice such as Ocean Spray

  • 4 Cup Vodka (my vodka of choice was Tito’s)

  • 1 Cup Cointreau or your favor orange Liqueur

  • 1 can froze limeade concentrate

  • 4 cups black cherry flavored sparkling water (or any sparkling favors of choice)

  • 2 cups fresh cranberries

  • 2 limes, sliced

  • 4 sprigs mint

  • 2 Rosemary sprigs

  • Optional Addition: Rum, Champagne, or Tequila in quantity of your choice.


  1. Place the Cran Raspberries juice and limeade concentrate in a pitcher. Stir until combined.

  2. Now Add the Vodka or alcohol of choice

  3. Add your orange Liqueur

  4. Add your Limes, Mint and Rosemary

  5. Last thing you want to do is add the Sparkling water and stir until well combined.

Now you have made your Holiday Punch for everyone to enjoy. I swear this is a refreshing drink that everyone will enjoy.


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