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Homemade‎ Chili‎ Recipe

This‎ is‎ a‎ hearty‎ Chili recipe‎ that‎ is‎ easy‎ to‎ make‎ and‎ very‎ tasteful.‎ ‎It‎ is‎ ideal‎ for‎ the‎ fall‎ and‎ winter‎ months.‎ This‎ meal‎ allows‎ for‎ much‎ leeway‎ in‎ tailoring‎ to‎ your‎ personal‎ preference‎ so‎ that‎ you‎ can‎ enjoy‎ it‎ as‎ much‎ as‎ possible. With BEANS or without beans, that is the magic question when it comes to Chili. Jumping into the Chili Debate. Let me give you guys a little history on CHILLI….

 Though many food historians agree that chili con carne is an American dish with Mexican roots, Mexicans furiously deny any association with the Chili dish. It's so many stories and rumor how Chili got started, I’m going to share with you guys some of the myths. There are numerous legends and information about where Chili, and it is primarily thought, by most historians, that the very poorest people made the earliest versions of Chili. JC. Clopper, the first American is known to have remarked about San Antonio's Chili, 'wrote in 1926: "When they have to pay for their meat in the market, a very little is made to suffice for a family; this is generally into a kind of hash with nearly as many peppers as there are pieces of meat – this is all stewed together."

Corresponding to an old Southwestern Native American legend and tale (several modern writers have documented – or maybe just passed along), Sister Mary of Agreda of Spain.  

"She was oddly known to the Natives of the Southwest United States as "La Dama de Azul," the lady in blue.  Sister Mary would go into trances with her body lifeless for days.  When she awoke from these trances, she said her spirit had been to a faraway land where she preached Christianity counseled others to seek Spanish missionaries. "By the 20th century, chili joints had made their debut in Texas and became familiar all over the west by the roaring '20s. In fact, by the end of that decade, there was hardly a town that did not have a chili parlor, which was often no more than a shed or a room with a counter and some stools. It has been said that chili joints meant the difference between starvation and staying alive during the Great Depression since Chili was cheap, and crackers were free. 

So, what you guys think about the myth of Chili? I find it crazy and more fairytales on how Chili came about. I’m sharing today the Hubby Chili Recipe; he does not add Beans for this Chili dish. Dwayne has his version on why beans were added to Chili. He said it was for people to stretch the food out and get full on the beans. Since he makes his Chili for good comfort food, he doesn’t add them to his recipe. If you are a lover of beans, you can add them to this dish, and if you hate beans, you can go straight ahead and follow the hubby recipes. Its many ways you can make this chili dish. You can substitute the ground beef for turkey meat, lamb, or pork. It’s all up to you.

I hope you guys enjoy the hubby's recipe.


1.‎ ‎ 2‎ pounds‎ of‎ ground‎ beef

2.‎ ‎ one‎ large‎ yellow‎ onion‎ (diced)

3.‎ ‎ one‎ bell‎ pepper‎ (diced)

4.‎ ‎ 1‎ Jalapeno‎ pepper‎ (sliced)‎ with‎ seeds‎ included

5.‎ ‎ 3‎ garlic‎ cloves‎ (minced)

6.‎ ‎ 3‎ tablespoons‎ chili‎ powder

7.‎ ‎ one‎ teaspoon‎ ground‎ cumin

8.‎ ‎ one‎ teaspoon‎ dried‎ oregano‎

9.‎ ‎ one‎ teaspoon‎ paprika‎

10.‎ ‎ 16‎ ounces‎ of‎ tomato‎ sauce‎ (I‎ used‎ two‎ eight-ounce‎ cans)

11.‎ ‎ 16‎ ounces‎ of‎ beer of choice (does not have to be expensive brand)

12.‎ ‎ 3‎ tablespoons‎ cooking‎ oil‎ (I‎ used‎ canola‎ oil)

13.‎ ‎ 15‎ ounce‎ canned‎ kidney‎ beans‎ ‎ drained‎ and‎ rinsed (optional‎  and‎ I‎ prefer‎ without‎ the‎ beans)

14.‎ ‎ Salt‎ and‎ coarse‎ black‎ pepper‎ to‎ taste

15.‎ ‎ Red‎ pepper‎ flakes‎ or‎ ground‎ cayenne‎ pepper‎ to‎ the desired‎ level‎ of‎ spiciness‎


Heat‎ oil‎ in‎ Dutch‎ oven‎ saucepan‎ over‎ medium‎ heat.‎ ‎ Next,‎ add‎ green‎ pepper,‎ onion,‎ and‎ garlic‎ to‎ the saucepan‎ and‎ sauté‎ for‎ 7‎ to‎ 10‎ minutes‎ until‎ soft‎ (make‎ sure‎ to‎ stir‎ periodically‎ to‎ avoid‎ sticking‎ to‎ the pan).‎ ‎

In‎ a‎ separate‎ pan,‎ brown‎ the‎ ground‎ beef‎ until‎ fully‎ cooked‎ and‎ then‎ drain‎ as‎ much‎ of‎ the‎ grease‎ as‎ possible‎ from‎ the‎ ground‎ beef.‎ ‎

‎ The‎ ground‎ beef‎ is‎ then‎ added‎ to‎ the‎ sauteed‎ green‎ pepper,‎ onion‎ , and‎ garlic‎ in‎ the‎ Dutch‎ oven‎ saucepan.‎ ‎ Next,‎ the‎ chili‎ powder,‎ ground‎ cumin,‎ dried‎ oregano,‎ ‎ and‎ paprika‎ are‎ added‎ to‎ the‎ Dutch‎ oven‎ saucepan‎ and‎ all‎ contents‎ are‎ stirred‎ until‎ evenly‎ mixed.‎ ‎

The‎ tomato‎ sauce,‎ beer‎ , and‎ sliced‎ jalapeno‎ pepper‎ are‎ then‎ added‎ to‎ the‎ chili‎ . The contents‎ are‎ then‎ mixed‎ again‎ until‎ evenly‎ combined‎ (at‎ this‎ point,‎ you‎ would‎ add‎ the‎ kidney‎ beans‎ , but‎ I‎ omitted‎ this‎ step‎ because‎ I‎ prefer‎ without‎ the‎ beans).‎

The‎ chili‎ is‎ then‎ brought‎ to‎ a‎ boil‎ ,‎ ‎ lowered‎ to‎ a‎ low‎ simmer‎ , and‎ cooked‎ uncovered‎ for‎ 40‎ to‎ 50‎ minutes‎ (periodically‎ stirring‎ ‎ with‎ a large‎ spoon‎ to‎ avoid‎ sticking‎ to‎ the bottom‎ of‎ the pan).‎ Toward‎ ‎ the end of cooking,‎ add‎ salt‎ and‎ coarse‎ ‎ black‎ pepper‎ to‎ season‎ to‎ taste‎ and‎ red‎ pepper‎ ‎ flakes‎ or‎ ground‎ cayenne‎ ‎ pepper‎ for‎ spiciness.‎ ‎ At‎ this‎ point,‎ you‎ can‎ transfer‎ your‎ desired‎ serving‎ of‎ the‎ cooked‎ chili‎ to‎ a‎ bowl‎ and‎ enjoy‎ as‎ is‎ or‎ topped‎ with‎ sour‎ cream,‎ Cheez-It/or‎ cheese‎ , or‎ scallions‎ ‎ depending‎ on‎ your‎ ‎ preference.

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