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Get your house ready for fall and host a stylish Thanksgiving dinner or Friendsgiving celebration with a table set and fall decorations. It is the simple things. This year we are thankful for just being able to be together. I am going to show you my table décor set up. Since this thanksgiving will be different from any thanksgiving I hosted in the past, I am still happy that some of my loved ones can surround me. I usually host a vast Thanksgiving celebration for family and friends, but since COVID and in the state of New York, you are limited to gathering ten people, I had to make do with the new rules. So, set my table arrangement for a party of eight.  IF your state has a restriction or you don't want to host many people in your home well, I'm here to show you how you can still celebrate In a fabulous way when you are just hosting a small holiday get together.

Currently, we are dealing with a world crisis that we want to be around our loved ones. We must keep each other safe and make sure we are hosting a responsible get-together. Make sure you are not sharing the same utensil and glass. Below you will see how I transformed my formal dining room into a Fall paradise. I think it's a time to celebrate if your family and friends are healthy, that is something to be joyful about, so let's celebrate in a relaxed way and have some holiday fun. That what my family and friends will be doing. So, I started my thanksgiving set up last week. It's 13 days from the big day, and I want to help you guys find the perfect tablescape that's Instagram and Pinterest worthy.

You guys know I love to give you a little history lesson so I’m going to share some fun facts about thanksgiving.

  • The first Thanksgiving Celebration goes back with the Pilgrims of Plymouth Massachusetts

  • It was President Abraham Lincoln who declared that Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated every last Thursday of November.

  • In 1621 Plymouth Thanksgiving is the birthplace of Thanksgiving holiday.

  • The First US President who declared Thanksgiving Day as a Holiday was Pres. Abraham Lincoln in 1863.

Also take a look at my last post The Best Kitchen Essentials: COOKWARE, UTENSILS, EQUIPMENT, TOOLS, APPLIANCES You Need if you're hosting Thanksgiving and looking to upgrade your kitchenware.

Now let's get started. I’m going to show you one by one how I start my table space. Mix, match and layer of these table décor’s with exiting pieces for a setting that sparkle.


For each place setting, I did not have to go far to find something to use to make each guest feel special. I went to my local Dollar Tree and picked up some velvet pumpkins. I laid out different colors pumpkins to go along with my guest's favorite colors. Best eight dollars spent.

Service Plates: 

Service plates are large plates used at full course dinners or dress up your table. You will need his type of plate t make your table look fancy. I was able to purchase from Pier 1 last year's Christmas. I paid five dollars apiece. I bought a total of ten service plates.

Decorative Plates:

For display rather than used for food. Commemorative plates have designs reflecting a particular theme. So, this plate I picked up from HomeGoods. Such a pretty plate with the gold stripes, it stands out. You want to purchase a dish that only for decoration and not to keep from getting damaged from washing or the dishwasher. I think I splurge on these decorative places and paid ten dollars apiece.

Dessert Plates:

Side plates: vary in size from 4 to 9 inches. I add the small plate to be on top of the other two plates, and, I purchase the dessert plate for HomeGoods. It is a set it goes with the Decorative plate. You want to layer your plates and have at least three dishes. If you are going to be fancy, then you can also add a saucer: a small plate with an indentation for a cup and have a little cup by the first layer. It all depends on your mood and what theme you are trying to focus on for your holiday dinner.

A placemat or table mat is a covering or pad designating an individual place setting, unlike the larger tablecloth covering the entire surface. Placemats are made from many different materials. This what I use to place my Plate ware on top of; I purchase a set of eight from Zgalleries a few months back when they were having an in-store sale because they had just reopened due to the COVID shut down. I was able to snag a set of 8 for under fifteen bucks. I went with a gold color leather-like material.

The napkin ring, occasionally called a Christening bangle it’s a perfect accessory for your napkin; it brings attention to detail for your napkin; I was able to snag these holders from Zgallerie for three bucks each.

Table Runner:

overhang the table at two ends only and "table protectors," which provide a padded layer under a familiar tablecloth. ENHANCE YOUR EVENT – This glamorous look in sequin mesh table runner is sure to coordinate with my elegant dining and decorating needs and adding a pop of color. You could never go wrong with gold. I purchase my runner from amazon for $20 bucks.

Depending on the number of guests you have, you can always take inspiration from table setting arrangements. Make the centerpiece filled with beautiful flowers and different shapes. You can pick up some fresh flowers or head to your local dollar store and pick up some fake flowers. Either one will work. I opted for fresh flowers I got on sale at my local market. In your chosen vase, fill it with blooms. With the sprig of fall, you can use them to spread colors on the table.

You do not need to spend so much to make your table look as festive as these. You can purchase a dozen gourds, splash different colors of flowers, and add few candles. It will make your Thanksgiving table as splendid as these photos I’m showing of my table. My tip is to come up with a theme for your table. I’m a big fan of Pumpkins, so my whole table is center around Pumpkins.

Bring out your fancy glassware. I added to my table gold plated Champagne glass to add some glamorous look to my table. I did not add utensils to my table but to each its own. I didn’t want to clutter my table. Make sure you measure our table to purchase the correct table runner. I have a very long table, so my runner is 120 inches. And do not forget to have fun; hosting a holiday dinner can get overwhelming. My secret is to do a task a day. Plan out my day and week, and don’t forget to have help. Don’t try and do all this on your own.

I would love to see you guys, tablescape. So when you design your holiday table, don’t be a stranger and share it with me. Happy Holidays!

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