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How to Create the Perfect Champagne & Prosecco Bar

New Year's Eve is right around the corner. So, you already know that the Champagne will be overflowing. If you like me and cannot wait to say goodbye to 2020, I know you all will be celebrating the New Year to come. Who am I kidding? Any day is a good day for a champagne bar. You do not have to wait until New Years' to pop open a bottle of Champagne. If you think about hosting a small get- together at your home, it's someone's birthday, or you finally got that promotion, bring out the Champagne bar, and let us celebrate. We all got something to celebrate. We made it through 2020.

Over the week, I hosted a vision board party with some of my closest friends, and I prepared my Champagne Bar; when I say my guest was so impressed with the setup. It is an eye-catcher, and it's fun to stand around the bar and create your favorite mixture to go inside your Champagne. I was playing around with different brands and price ranges of Champagne and prosecco. I had a bottle of Champagne from high to low and had the girls do a taste test to see which brands they like the best. It was a split decision, halves like the dry Champagne and the other half like the prosecco's sweet taste. With a champagne bar, your guest can serve themselves. You do not have to be a bartender. That's the best part of setting one of these up for your next gathering. Since you the host, you always want to mingle and not serve drinks to everyone, so this is a win-win situation for all.

I purchase all my Prosecco and Champagne from my local wine store in my neighborhood. If you are not sure what Champagne to buy for your bar, your store clerk should be able to explain the difference between each Champagne, from dry, very dry to sweet, and overly sweet. Again, I went for the price range; I wanted everyone to judge the Champagne for taste and not because of the brand or price. So, for my bar set up, here are the bottle of Champagne and prosecco I purchased.

Moet Chandon Rose Imperial

Veuve Cliciquor

Korbel California Champagne Extra Dry


Mionetto Presecco

La Vostra Prosecco


Here a few tips on how create your perfect Champagne Bar

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Champagne flutes

  • Large pitchers for your mixers of choice

  • Colorful, tasty garnishes (fruity finger foods)

  • This bar has so many amazing combinations and options. You will have endless fun building your drink.

Plan to pair your Champagne and Prosecco with vibrant, fresh fruits and colorful juices. (for my set-up I use, Strawberry, Blue Berries, raspberries, and Blackberries.

For the juice, I set out OJ and Bloody Orange Juice (Tart-tasting drinks like OJ will balance the Prosecco’s sweeter, boozy, bubbly taste.

St. Germain is an ideal sweetener for a bottle of dry champagne. You want this apart of your Bar. Vodka and Gin are both great for a smooth added punch.

And to have fun with your bubbly, I add Cotton candy and Pop Rocks to the Bar, I guess it just the kid in me.

Directions: You want to put your champagne on ice for at least one hour to chill. Next, pour into a champagne flute. Add favorite ingredients to your champagne. Enjoy. Cheers!

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