How to Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall

Greet the season’s visitors with an entryway adorned in an overabundance of pumpkins and other autumnal delights.

I LOVE this time of year… fall, you ask? No, pumpkins on the porch steps season!!! I seriously look forward to pumpkin picking days all month long. It is one of my favorite days of the year! First day of fall.  When I was little, my mother would always decorate the house with décor of whatever holiday it was. I can still recall the excitement of bringing them all up from the basement storage room and placing them out. It's a fond memory that I will always cherish. So I wanted to start my tradition since this will make the first year in our home. I did not get a chance to decorate my house's outdoor because I focused on changing and doing a major renovation in our home. So, since March, I have been thinking about Fall home décor. Over the weekend, I put a list of items I must purchase for my outdoor look. There is something magical about a trip to the local pumpkin patch that is always so magical. I was in pumpkin heaven.

After pumpkin picking, Drop by the local farmers' market for an assortment of gourds—the more variety, the better. I also picked up some local mums in the vibrant colors of fall and some yummy. I began to decorate our front porch; I always like to get a "super mum" for our large plant holder basket. Bountiful Fall, we got a couple of larger pumpkins to put in our front landscaping. It ties the whole look together more and gets your attention from the road more. I'm all about that curb appeal! For this look, I channel a farmhouse feel with a dose of feminine Glam, Having the perfect nook to frame my seasonal decor and serves as a cozy, welcoming entrance to usher guests into our home. I created a layered look with Hay Bales. This natural beauty block works excellent as a foundation to your fall décor.

Also, I embrace fall blooms and added fresh flowers. And I placed my flowers in a wicker planter. To create my fall look, I also add soft candlelight with a Lanterns that helps bring some elegance to the outdoor front porch décor. No such things as too many pumpkins, the porch wouldn't scream fall décor without a big collection of pumpkins. I added over 20 pumpkins and about ten fake pumpkins to give my front porch a final look on this fall décor; I didn't forget to add some colorful pumpkins to the sleek white, plump orange you can't forget the green pumpkins. If you can find those colors, ask your local pumpkin farm where you can buy them. As I said earlier, since I didn't get a chance to do outdoor decorations last year, I went heavy on the décor. I decorated both sides of my lawn and added Hay, Scare Crows, wreath to the house, and since my home came with a Flag holder, I added a Fall Flag to the house. Below I'm going to list the Top five Items you will need to decorate your front porch for this fall season; it doesn't matter if you have a huge front porch or a tiny porch; you can always spruce up your outdoor look with these items:

1.Lighted Fall Garland

2.Fall Colors Doormat

3.Decorative Lanterns

4.Fall Wreath


Now that the Front porch is all decorated.  We are officially ready for Fall to arrive! I hope you guys found some fall inspiration and thanks for joining me on the blog! Happy Fall, everyone!

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