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Amazing Crab & Shrimp Seafood Salad

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Seafood Pasta Salad is one of the best pasta salad recipes for summer. It is loaded with flavor from pasta, shrimp, crab meat, celery, and red onion. All are coated with a simple dressing made from mayo, and Italian dressing is a critical ingredient. This crab and shrimp seafood salad is the perfect summer salad recipe.

This Homestyle Seafood Pasta Salad recipe is a family favorite. It’s a hearty mix of Pasta, crabmeat, Shrimp with an old Bay creamy dressing. This pasta salad is a 30-minute meal that easy to make and can feed a whole family of 8 or more. This delicious seafood Pasta is excellent to serve for a large gathering, A Summertime favorite, or If you do not have the time to make a complete meal for the family.


2 lb. Rotini pasta cooked (or your pasta of your choice Cook) Follow the instruction on the packaging 

8 medium or 5 Large stalks celery chopped

2 Medium Red Onions

2 Medium Green Bell Peppers

1 Cup of Chopped Fresh Parsley 

1-pound Jumbo or special crabmeat 

2- Pound Cooked Medium Shrimp (Deveined) Cut in 2 pieces 

2 cups mayonnaise

2 Cups Italian Dressing ( I prefer to use Ken’s  brand)

5 tablespoon Old Bay(original) seafood seasoning


Place cooked pasta in a large mixing bowl or Pan

Add in your Chopped Vegetable 

 In a separate bowl combine mayo, Italian dressing and Old Bay Seasoning and mix with whisk until smooth and uniform to make the sauce

Lastly, pour sauce over seafood salad in the large bowl or container and stir to combine evenly.  Refrigerate for at least 2 hours and served chilled.  Seafood salad will last 3-4 days if properly refrigerated.

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