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Movie Night Party/Movie Night Ideas

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hosting a movie night at my home that I invited a couple of close friends over to watch the premiere of Coming 2 America. If you guys have been following my blog, you know I love a good movie night and that Coming to America is one of my favorite movies of all time. Originally Coming 2 America was supposed to be released in the Movie Theater, but we all know what happens, Covid Strikes and all the movies theaters closed. The movie theater is still not open one whole year later, so Coming 2 America was released on Amazon Prime.

I have been called the Hostess with the most. I love entertaining at home since we could not go to the movie theater; I thought I’ll bring it to my house. I wanted my guest to feel like they were in a real movie theater.

I wanted to have all the snacks and equipment that you will see at your local movie, popcorn machine, Nacho Machine, Slurpee machine, and the list goes on. Since this was a world premiere of Coming 2 America, I brought out the red carpet and the Red Velvet Ropes.

I wanted everyone to have a good time and experience having a movie theme night at our home. I went all out for this movie night, and I got movie posters made on Vista Print, also had movie tickets printed out. If you were looking to host a movie night at your home, below are my favorites things to pull off the ultimate movie party at the comfort of your own home. The next movie night that I have is going to be outdoor in my backyard. I cannot wait until we get some warm weather here in New York. So, if you want to purchase any of these items, the link is in the title.

I love popcorn! Who does not love this delicious snack that can be dressed up with all sorts of flavorings and toppings or enjoyed plain? Since movie theaters and popcorn inseparably go together, it essential to have popcorn for movie night at home!

Better Known in some places as "fairy floss" and "cotton candy" in other areas. This fluffy spun sugar is a staple of fairs, carnivals, and midways. I know it is not common in theaters (at least not fresh), but if we are planning a movie night, then I want a cotton candy machine too.

You can't go to your favorite movie theater to watch a movie without purchasing a box of candy. It is just something about the box candy that tastes so good while watching a movie. Yes, it is so expensive in the film, but this is a big part of the movie experience.

As I said early, I went all out for my Coming 2 America theme movie night and had all the bells and whistles. So if you were thinking about hosting a movie night regularly, then I suggest you purchase these movie night must-haves, the Hot Dog Roller is a must, and the best part is under 70.00 dollars. The Nacho heater keeps your nacho warm and crispy. Having a snow cone machine can be used all year round. And if you want to get the movie theater sounds, I suggest picking up these surround sounds speakers—less than 100 bucks for them. I would love to see how you guys movie night turned out; you can tag JillionTrinkets on Instagram or shoot me an email. I hope this post helped you find the perfect equipment to host a movie night at your home.

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05 abr 2021

This has to be the coolest movie party ever!

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