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Nail Design and Nails Ideas

One of my favorite forms of self-care acts is waking up on Saturday morning and going to the nail shop. Getting my nails done is self-love, is spending quality time with myself, and it is getting all glammed up.

Nothing is more relaxing than getting a new manicure with fresh new color on your nails. I would say I like to match my nails with the season, and my favorite season is Spring and Fall. I love those earth tones and those bright colors of spring.

When the pandemic first hit us here in New York, I did not think that we would be in lockdown for so long. At the time, I needed a fill-in, and the day before the shutdown, I tried to make an appointment with my nail tech, but she was overbooked. So, I did not worry too much about it; I said, hey, we might be shut down for a couple of weeks.

Two week turns into months. I could not take seeing my nails looking like 13-year-old boys hands.

Target was the only place that was allowed open other than the grocery stores. Seemed like I went shopping every day to get out of the house, I purchased some press-on nails from Target, when I tell you I have not worn press-on nail since I was 13 years old. It truly brought back my childhood memories. I was able to wear these nails until the nail salon opened back up. I never missed another nail appointment because the pandemic had me feeling like a bit of a tomboy. I keep my two weeks follow-up, because you never know if we are going back in lockdown. Since nails are so essential to us women, I thought I would make a post about it and share one of my worker's nail arts. She is extreme with her nails, diamonds, and Swarovski stones all on her fingers.

I love to see her new Designs. It is so wild and garners a lot of attention. The patient will always be asking her how she can type and cook with these long-studded nails. Well, she answers that she can type 70 wpm, and she does not cook. I told Miss Deva that I would try one of her nail designs one day, but it must be for a special occasion, maybe my wedding day with all those diamonds and stones. I do too many DIY projects around the house to keep up with these nails design. But I hope you guys enjoy these photos and maybe get inspired by them.

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