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Pretty Ways to Decorate Your Mantel for Christmas

Design on a Budget

Needing a little inspiration for decorating your mantel for Christmas, I have the top place and tips to change your fireplace to a Christmas wonderland. I had the pleasure of decorating two mantles in my home, so it was double the trouble and double the cost, Double the fun to design my fireplace. I going to show you how to create a budget-friendly design because your tree shouldn't get all the attention. This post should get those creative juices flowing!

Decorate your mantel with stocking and garland that complement the color of your Christmas tree decorations.

Add visual weight and movement.

After adding one large statement piece to your mantle, it's time to add in some smaller items that create details and add weight and movement to your fireplace.

Pick a focal point.

What is the central theme of your design and decorate around that?

Group items in Odd Shapes

have different designs and decor on your mantle, the human eyes love to see things in various shapes and sizes. This one of the main tips when creating your mantle. Making sure everything feels balanced is so important. I like to stand back periodically while arranging to make sure that I don't have all the darker colored objects on one side or vice versa. The same goes for different textures.

Dress your Christmas mantel with a garland and cozy accessories. On top, create a still life of blue wares: a painting, nutcrackers. Add brush trees and ball ornaments in shades of white and blue.

Classic Green and Red

For a classic Christmas, stick to hues of rich, Christmas red and deep, emerald green. This stunning yet straightforward mantel incorporates plenty of beloved holiday features, including

Woodland Christmas Mantel

Do you Have a wide assortment of pieces to display? Arrange them in a symmetrical pattern for an organized, not cluttered look. You want to make sure each side of this mantel mirrors the other. A, along with stockings, dress each side. The symmetry extends to the surrounding built-ins, which are outfitted with more Christmas collectibles and matching wreaths.

Now to the Fun Part! Where to shop:

I started some of my shopping early in the season. Around October, I started picking up Christmas décor from one of my favorite stores, HomeGoods. They have a great selection of Christmas décor. But if you want to snag a good deal, these are the stores to find the most for your bucks. And sometimes last-minute shopping help you find the best deals. I end up picking out some great décor while shopping at my local stores.

I purchased both of my garlands from I purchased them for 25.00 dollars each because they can get expensive. I see a lot of stores sell them up to 150 dollars.

The dollar store has fantastic products that you would not think are only a buck.

I purchased the green and red stockings stuffers from the dollar store. Also, I got the Christmas Bells from there.

Home Depot has nice gadgets and decors, and I purchase my three feet tall Nutcracker from there for only 30 bucks, also the mini-Nutcrackers for only two dollars.

I added this giant Santa to my fireplace, and I picked it up last minute from CVS. Can you guess how much I paid for it? Let me tell you 22.00 dollars—what a deal. Shopping last minute can be rewarding. My mini–Santa Mailbox, it is another Home Good Purchase, so cute, and it stands out; I brought it for twenty dollars. My Green Mirror I have been having for a year now and purchase it from Pier 1 when they went out of a business sale. The countdown to Christmas box, I picked that up from Michaels it as half off, so I got it for 15.00 dollars.

My Winter wonderland Room, the blue and white room, I Mostly shop at Michaels, HomeGoods and order amazon's garland. The Santa I purchase from HomeGoods with the trees and Glass décor, my Snowflake, mini-Nutcracker, and silent night painting and knitted stocking stuffer all purchase from Michaels. So, to design my two-fireplace mantle, I spent less than $300 bucks.

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