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Sweet Charcuterie Board Ideas for Valentine's Day

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

It's the most beautiful time of the year, and love is in the air. Who doesn't love a romantic holiday centered around love and sharing tasty snacks? Making a dessert board is a great way to make someone feel love, whether you put one together for your Galentine's Party, a Valentine's School Party, or a romantic dinner at home. So please keep reading for my Valentine's Day Charcuterie Board, including instructions on making one at home and a charcuterie board shopping list!

I purchased most of my candies from Target and Home Goods last week. Target was having a huge sale. I also picked up some candy from my local dollar store.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I love making charcuterie boards. Flavorful or sweet, they are perfect and so versatile. For Valentine’s Day, they are suitable for an intimate gathering together with your special loved one, a fun night with your girlfriends, or a special snack for your kids. A charcuterie board can be terrifying if you have not built one before. I will break it down into a few foolproof steps, and I think you will love the result! There are so many fun sweets you can spruce up and end up with a unique and delicious board.


Hershey Kisses


Hear Shape Candy

Ghirardelli Raspberries

Ghirardelli White Chocolate

Chocolate Covered Sun Flowers

Cookies & Cream hearts

Creamy Fudge Hearts

Heart Lolli Pop

Choose Your Board:

There is no limit to the size, shape board, or tray you can use, and I am using a Round Decorative Iron Tray with Handles that I picked up from Home Goods last week. I have purchased many boards and trays. I like collecting them. They all serve a different purposes. For my meat boards, I always use a wooden board.

How to make a dessert Charcuterie board filled with valentine's day candy and treats.

This Valentine's Day board is easy to make and great for a party or enjoying with family. Filled with heart-shaped chocolates, candy, and all things sweet, this dessert board will be a fun treat to snack on.

Today I am happy to share this Valentine's Day dessert board you can make for your loved ones. My inspiration for this board came from the heart-shaped Chocolates. It was easy to find holiday-themed desserts that fit perfectly with pink and red. The point is to assemble a board with a lot of texture and color that works with your theme. Whether a sweet board or a savory charcuterie board, be sure to add a variety of colorful foods.

Tip: You want to add 2-3 tiny dishes to add height and dimension to your board. Fill with small candies, nuts, or dips.

How to assemble a sweet charcuterie board

The objective is to make your board look complete, with a lot of consistency and colors. Think about the theme you are going for and if you want to add some delectable elements. For example, this Valentine’s Day board was on the sweet side, made with holiday candy. The fun part is preparing the charcuterie board in varying patterns. There is no wrong way to do this. Start adding your food to small gatherings and follow practices around the board shape or going in every direction. Get creative and have fun with the design. It is quick and straightforward to fill once you get started.

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