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These are a Few of my Favorite Things!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

If you guys keep up with my blog, you will see me posting some of my favorite items and products. Listed below, I’m showing you guys my new five favorite Items that I’m in love with, and I’m also sharing the link, so if you are interested, you know where to find it. I love this unique water bottle. I use this carton for my fruit infusion water. It's stylish and everyone always asking where did I get it.

For those cold summer nights out on the patio, which you are not ready to go indoor, I have the perfect solutions for an outdoor heater. I found a heater that matches my outdoor furniture and decors. 

If you are going to be outside on your patio, you would want a refreshing drink. My new favorite gadget is the Bottle cooler. It keeps my bottle cold, and you can design the ice with your favorite fruits.

Laura Ashley

Since we on the subject of refreshing bottle molds, you need a glass to drink out. I came across these adorable birdie cocktail glasses. When did I tell you these are a conversation piece? I made up some incredible drinks for my friends. I used these glasses to drink out.

I have been spending a lot of time outdoor on my Patio, hey we were locked inside for over three months, so anytime I can be outside, I will be lounging in my backyard. I was searching for months for the perfect rocking chairs that wouldn’t set me back, the ones I was finding were well over 300 hundred bucks. I finally was able to snag these two-white chairs for under three hundred dollars. I can set on my patio and rock away with a sweet cold beverage.

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