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These are a Few of My Favorites Things

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Since we've all been in the house, I know I’m not the only one that has been spending a lot of time doing online shopping. Since all the department stores are still closed, I have been catching a lot of deals and have been purchasing products that I thought I would have never needed before this Covid19. I put a list together of my five favorites products that might work for your households.

One of the new devices that I purchased is a Portable Ice Maker who would have known I needed an ice maker. I happened to be creative at my home bar and have been making a lot of specialty drinks; I think everyone else has been doing the same as well because I couldn’t find Ice at my local supermarket. It seems always to be sold out when I want to re-up on Ice. Somehow on my Instagram timeline, an ice maker from the maker home Labs showed up on my thread; maybe it was reading my mind. I went on Amazon to check it out and end up buying it, just to let you know it’s something I never thought I needed. It took my drinks to the next level. I now have the same Ice as the bars and restaurant uses. It makes my drinks taste ten times better, and I love to chew on ice on a hot day.

    My second favorite purchase that I have made recently is Bath Caddy Tray for Tub. When I say this is a lifesaver, lately, I have been doing something called self-care Sunday. It’s essential to make sure you take good care of your body, mind, and soul. So, I spend all day pampering myself. This caddy comes in handy. I can soak in the tub while drinking my wine, reading my book or tablet. I spend at least an hour in the tub just relaxing and reading my phone without getting it wet.   

As we all know, the beauty industry has shut down, no getting a new haircut. My hubby was walking around, looking like a homeless person with his hair growing all over. So, I decided to cut his hair myself. I set up my office as a barbershop. A huge mistake that I did was to cover Dwayne and my beautiful white sheets is to let his hair fall onto the cloth instead of the floor. Let’s just say the little pieces of hair stuck to my white sheets damaged it, so I had to throw it away. Well searching the net, I found this cool Hair Cutting Cloak Umbrella Cape Salon. You just put it over your clothes, and the floor can be trimmed without making them dirty because the cut hair collects at the ditch of the manteau. This cloak made me a happy camper. Now it was easier to cut Dwayne’s hair, quickly cleaned up with no fuss.    

So since the world is on lock-down and there is no place to go, I haven't purchased any spring or summer clothes, but since we’ve been in the house, I have been upgrading my Pajamas selection while lounging around my home, you might as well look good doing it. I have purchased many of these  Lavender Women's Short Sleeve Classic Satin Pajama Set. They are the most comfortable and stylish PJ I own. The latest one I acquired is the gray set. I feel so fancy wearing these while sitting on my sofa drinking a martini imagining, I’m in a Manhattan bar.

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