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Things You Didn’t know you needed From Amazon

I’m back with things you didn’t know you need from amazon. If you are an amazon fanatic like me then you know it's Prime week. Amazon has some amazing items on sale this week. Well I’m here this week to let you know what items you must have need from amazon that you didn’t know you needed. The best part of all the gadgets I’m showcasing are all under fifteen dollars. Don’t ever say I never try to find deals for you guys.  My top three items from amazon this week are listed below. I hope you guys enjoy my choices of items you didn’t know you needed in your life.


No Touch Door Opener Tool – 8 Pcs Multifunctional Stylus Clean Key with Keychain

Unique Design - Looks like a beautiful key. Include 8 pcs different color no-touch door opener tools with keychains. Shared with your family and friends or as a gift.

Multifunctional - With a built-in bottle opener and stylus pad, being the ideal choice for safely open door, push the elevator button , corkscrew, toilet button push, using ATMs, gas stations, store payments and more! 

With the COVID virus going on, my go-to item keeps me safe, and I don’t have to wear gloves when I have this brilliant gadget that works as my fingers. It keeps your hand clean, and you don’t have to use your fingers to touch your phone or push buttons, but the best thing about this Key Chain is that I could gift my staff with because eight comes in one order.

Premium Heat Resistant Meat Chopper, Masher & Smasher for Hamburger Meat, Ground Beef, Turkey & More, Hamburger Chopper Utensil,

THE KITCHEN TOOL YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! This is the kitchen tool you've always needed but didn't know existed! Our amazing meat chopper easily breaks up ground beef, turkey, chicken, hamburger and sausage for fast, even cooking. It works great for separating frozen ground meat. Use it as a spatula to mix in your favorite spices while cooking. There is no other kitchen tool like this!

This Meat Chopper is my go-to Kitchen tool when I’m making taco Tuesday. This is a lifesaver. It helps me chopped up my hamburger in a nice size for my taco. But if your family loves tacos, this is a must-have device, and the price is right. That’s under eight bucks and comes in a variety of colors.

4 Pieces Palm Fruit Peeler Finger Potato Peeler Kitchen Vegetable Peeler

Reliable material: these vegetable peels are made of quality 304 stainless steel blade and soft rubber finger grip, durable and sturdy to use, wear-resistant and rust proof, lightweight and portable to peel, good material can serve you long time

Simple operation: you just simply slip the palm fruit peeler into your finger just like wearing a ring and start peeling your vegetables or fruits, the insulation board can well protect your fingers and palm from scratching by the blade during the peeling process.

This peeler is the perfect kitchen gadget you need; if you like me, you cook a lot and use many vegetables in your dish. This makes the process of peeling your fruit and vegetable easier and faster. This little device just came in handy for me when I had to peel a couple of pumpkins for my home décor. This really will come in handy when the holiday season comes, and you are cooking for a large number of people, and did I mention you get a set of four for under ten dollars. You can thank me later on the kitchen must-have.

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