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Things you didn’t know you needed off of Amazon

As some of you may know, Amazon is my favorite online retail store. I swear I shop there every day. I shop with amazon for my personal goods and shop with them a lot for the Hubby medical practice. I’m a person that love some gadgets, anything that can improve my workload and my house chores is must that I have, I love the simple things in life. My hubby Dwayne use to get on my case for collecting and buying kitchen gadgets until he started taking his cooking to the next level and started to need and used the kitchen accessory for his dish he was making and then one day he stop getting on me and started asking if we have certain equipment that he needed to make his food. You might not think you need these items but trust me you Do; they will come in handle when you least aspect it. Its just like those infomercial that comes on the Television late night showing you array of gadgets that you never thought you ever needed but when you see it you think to yourself like Yes I can use this in my life. Well I am here to share with you my favorite items that you didn’t think you needed from amazon.

Chefast Herb Scissors Set - Multipurpose Cutting Shears with 5 Stainless Steel Blades

YOUR PERFECT HERB SCISSORS SET: Looking for the best combination of performance and value? This unique set offers you 5-blade herb shears, two drawstring herb bags, and safety cover with a cleaning comb. When you create your next meal with the help of this herb mincer, you will remember why you grew herbs and vegetables in your garden in the first place. This year I grew my vegetable in my backyard, and let me tell you this Scissors is impressive, it’s something that you didn’t think you needed, but you do; this is the only scissors you would need to get your Herbs with; it such a clean cut.

Perfume Atomizer ,GOLF 6Pcs 5ML Mini Refillable Empty Perfume Atomizer Bottle

1.It is a travel size perfume atomizer bottle

2.This refillable perfume spray has pump-to-fill technology for spill free refilling in seconds!

3.Leak-proof, strong, light, glass free & air travel approved for carryon luggage.

Who hates leaving their favorite Perfume behind because it's too large for the TSA requirement at the airport? ME. I hated that I could not pack my favorite perfumes with me for my trip because it was over 3.5oz. You no longer have to worry about that problem with these Refillable bottles that you can add your Perfume to a travel-sized bottle; I swear you will be thanking me later for this purchase, which is under 10 dollars for six containers.

Mask Ear Strap Hook Adjustable, 6 Pcs Mask Ear Protector Anti-Slip Silicone Mask Ear Grips Extension Hooks Relieve Pressure and Pain for Ear

Soft and comfortable SILICONE Material of Mask Strap Buckle will not cause any discomforts to your skin and the edges could not leave skin indentations. Our products are the only products made of food-grade silicone materials(Warm tip: for SILICONE products, it's better to wash them with bath milk or soap and dry them before use - to avoid allergy due to silica gel dust. You really need this if you are an essential worker and have to wear a mask for 8 hours a day. I came across this ear Protector when Dwayne was complaining how his ears were hurting from wearing two masks for over six hours a day, him being an Ear nose and throat doctor, he has to protect himself. So I went on amazon and saw if there was a solution to his problem, and there you have it, I came across this device that protects the ears and has a band holding up your mask. This is a must-have if you out in the field and have to wear a mask all day, plus the price is right. It is under 10 dollars.

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