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Things you should never wear on an airplane

I know a lot of you just started back traveling, and a lot of you guys are going away on vacation, well I see people traveling a lot to Mexico. It's the only place allowing Americans to visit. I'm here to show you the do and don'ts of traveling in this COVID era. These tips will help simplify your travel experience. To look and feel your best while jet-setting, dodge the following in-flight fashion flop.

Tight Clothing

I bet you never heard of a condition called deep vein thrombosis. Better known as DVT, this condition happens when treacherous blood clots form in the veins. The blood clots can start to a pulmonary embolism, which is possibly deadly. According to the University of Washington Medical Center, sitting for long periods can increase the risk for DVT, and so can constructively clothing. Dodge tight clothing, nylons, or socks (especially the type that is too tight at the top or leaves marks on your skin) that force restricts blood flow through the veins."

A Brand New Outfit Isn’t The Best Idea

As enticing as it might be, the last thing you want to do is wear a brand-new outfit you plan to wear out on the plane. If you purchased the new clothing specifically for the flight, you prolyl want to wait until you make it to your destination to rock your unique fit with the COVID and being in a tight space as a plane. It is best to change your clothing to get to your hotel or change before you get to your destination.

Don’t Do The One Piece…

Hey, before choosing your travel outfit, think about what you will be doing that day. You will most probably be sitting in a tight space for an extended time, having a difficult time using the restroom isn’t fun when you’re attempting to get to your flight or even if you’re already on the plane. It’s especially rough when you’re in the air, and the bathrooms don’t give you much room to operate.

You Can Do Without The Pajamas

Wearing your pajamas to the airport and on your flight might sound like an excellent idea. But what about the passengers? You’re bound to get a handful of stares walking down the aisle wearing your PJs, it’s a tacky move, Pajamas are better to be worn in your home.

Pack away The Larger Handbags

A larger than average handbag that isn’t a duffel doesn’t need to be on your person while flying. It is hard to store under your seat, plus its bad luck to put your purse on the floor. Giving the fact you get two carries on, it can come off rude having two bags in the overhead.


Avoid heavy Perfume usages for the good of the other passengers. Strong-smelling perfumes, colognes, body sprays, and so on should not be worn heavily in flight. Some passengers may find your scent disgusting; others might suffer allergic reactions to synthetic fragrances.

Save Your Nice Jewels For Later

We know you probably look fabulous in that new watch or necklace you own. You are about to be in the air for an extensive time, so you don’t need to sport all your most beautiful jewelry.

You will have an easier time getting through security, but you’ll also have a better chance to keep things safe. Unless you wish to have added attention and a difficult time getting through metal detectors, save your favorite jewels locked and packed away.

You’re Wearing Heels sis?

This should be out of the question, but I’ll include it. You don’t want to run late for your flight with a pair of high heels on, or you might end up rolling an ankle sprinting to your boarding gate. You want to be comfortable walking through the airport and sitting on your flight.

Be Careful Of wearing Shorts!

If you’re on your way to a warmer climate, it might sound like a good idea to put on shorts for your trip. Sure, they are comfortable, but you have to remember the environment in the airport and mid-flight. It can get frigid in the air.

Offensive or Inappropriate Clothing

Airlines Carriers typically leave it up to flight attendants to judge whether a passenger's attire is inappropriate for wear in the air. T-shirts plastered with expletives or offensive (well, depending on whom you ask) If you can't wear it to church or dinner or school, you probably shouldn't wear it on a flight.

Itchy fabrics

"High-Temperature changes on a plane, and hot and cold, will sensitize your skin, making fabrics like wool or lace even more uncomfortable than they normally are," take a good look at the fabric. Avoid anything scratchy or itchy because it will start to bother you on your flight.

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