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Thirsty Thursday

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Birds of a feather Flock together Casamigos Margarita

I bartended through college. Since the covid19, I have been getting very creative at my home bar. I have a real live bar in the center of my family room. I also have been trying out new tequilas and came across Casamigos. My Tequila of choice has always been 1800. I wanted to try something different, and my good friend Mandy suggests I try Casamigos. I’m a big fan of Pop’s syrups, The Rich Purple hue, and the Flavor bursting from fresh Blueberries. With this cocktail syrup, Pope’s has woven this together with the subtle bite of lemon. I have plenty of their products, so I decided to make a drink out of the bar ingredients that I have on hand. So you will see below the Margarita Drink that I came up with, and for my fancy bird glasses I order them from amazon, they are called Creative Bird Design Cocktail Glass.


Tequila – I prefer Casamigos for this margarita but gold would work as well!

Cointreau – or your favorite orange liqueur

Lime – fresh lime juice

Blueberry Lemon Syrup

How to Make Birds of a feather Flock together Casamigos Margaritas:

2 oz Tequila

.5 0z Cointreau

1 oz Blueberry Lemon

1 oz Fresh squeezed Lime Juice

½ cup of ice

Shake – with a glass full of ice. Add in tequila, lime juice, Cointreau and Syrup and shake very well, until chilled. Pour in a glass of choice.

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