This Week in Fashion: Holiday Dressing 2021

It is that time of the year to prepare for festive activities during this Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday.

This season is the time of the year for celebrating with family, friends, and the oh-so-wonderful office Christmas parties. Due to the COVID restrictions within the last year, there were not too many parties given, and most people spent time at home online with Zoom celebrations. Now this year, with the COVID restrictions being more relaxed, this is a time that we can get back into our partying groove and celebrate what we have missed out on for the last year and a half. Now let everyone ‘Tis the Season and be joyful.

2021 is the year to make a bold statement to take into New Year 2022. We must go out in a bang this year with our holiday celebration. The reason is to make up for the lost time. There are many styles you can put together. It also depends on the look you are trying to go for and where you will be partying or entertaining.

With each outfit you choose, you can add an elegant or bold fashionable piece to dress your outfit up. You can wear a simple dress with a beautiful bold statement piece such as a vintage brooch.

Or add a sparkly clutch to a simple velvet two-piece suit with a pair of satin slings. The fashion for this time of the year can be interchangeable and worn more than once. Again, remember this is a time to really "Glam up" and look festive. This season is the time where you have an excuse to dress up and become fabulous and glamorous. Depending on the party you are attending, such as family affairs, office parties, cocktail parties, New Year's Eve soiree's or just giving a casual party at home. Each calls for a different way of dressing and accessorizing.

Office Parties:

The office parties call for a more casual but dress approach. An office party is not the place to wear your smallest lame mini and bustier but a simple fitted tunic sleeveless dress with a statement necklace and a cashmere shrug.

Your accessories should be the statement, not the dress. Also, you can add a gold clutch in sequin or rhinestone, for example, with a pair of dressy slack and a silk blouse, and a bold color blazer. Otherwise, you want to dress as professionally as you can.

Please keep in mind it is not the place to make a bold statement that will make you stand out and end up in the Human Resources office for wearing improper attire. Remember to stay in the safe zone for these types of affairs. The designer looks to go for would be J. Crew, Ann Taylor, and Banana Republic.

Home Parties:

The family gathering dress attire depends on if it is a casual family affair or you are entertaining. You could go for a simple dress with simple jewelry and comfortable flats. If you are entertaining and it requires you to dress up. Then opt for something such as a long tunic dress or jumpsuit will do.

With both these styles, you can add statement jewelry. Also, a nice pair of low heels or sandals would work as well.

Cocktail Holiday Parties:

At such an event, you will want to dress up in your best attire. You can keep the design simple and the color black. However, you can go all out during the holiday season by pairing a black cocktail ensemble with statement jewelry. Such as a simple black dress with chandelier earrings and diamond bangles on the one hand. With this look, you can wear your hair in an upsweep design with rhinestone hairpins or pick. A lovely velvet tuxedo suit will work as well with a simple silk white shirt with rhinestone cuffs and pearl earrings. To complete this look, add a pair of low-heel satin pumps.

Family Holiday Parties:

If you happen to be invited to a casual family affair. You can dress up a regular sweater with vintage brooches or pins and wear this with a pair of jeans and your favorite boots. Also, a nice cashmere sweater set with a brooch and simple skirt with ballet flats can do.


You can accessorize with anything sparkly, lame/foil, rhinestones, satin, sequins, and feathers, to name a few. Your wardrobe can be simple in design, color, and shape. However, you can add a jewel statement piece such as a pair of earrings, a large stone ring, or a necklace.

Also, for your hair, a couple of jeweled hairpins, a hairband in rhinestones or sequin or jeweled hair combs to style your hair in an updo. If you opt for your purse to be the statement piece, go for the gold, lame, sequin, or patent leather in a bright, colorful design that compliments the holiday season. The shoes can be decorative, depending on the outfit. The shoes should be low heels, comfortable but stylish. Make sure you do not have too much going on with your ensemble. It needs to look just right, so you will not turn out looking like someone’s Christmas tree. The look should be classy, sophisticated, and elegant.


The Christmas holiday is the season where you can go all out because of the season. Your makeup can be your statement as well. You can add sparkle and colors to accentuate your outfit. The use of metallic, iridescent colors is what you should aim for. Also, you can use bronzers to accentuate your face and body parts.

I have added links below to sites where you can get entertainment and fashion ideas to complete anyone’s Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Also, check out sites like Etsy, Amazon, and eBay to find great deals and one-of-a-kind items.

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