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This Week in Fashion: Tis the Season Beauty Ideas 2021

This time of the year is the season to be happy, jolly, and thankful. It is a season where we dress up and attend parties beginning with Thanksgiving and ending our year by bringing in the New Year. It is a time to go all out with your festive outfits and makeup ideas.

You can play with different looks and go a bit overboard with your makeup, manicure, accessories, and clothing at this time of the year. I have gathered a slew of ideas to try for this holiday season. Nothing says holiday time more than being sparkly from head to toe, even though you should not go overboard and look like a Christmas tree or ornament.

However, you can use this time of the year to play or focus on a look, whether your makeup, manicure, or body ornament. Please keep in mind that you are safe if you decide to accessorize your makeup along with your manicure.

Or go all out with your makeup and hair. You can do so many possibilities to dress up for the Christmas holiday. I have included idea’s below that you can add to any festive outfit or accessory.


This holiday season, you have permission to go with the bold and over the top with your makeup choice. You can play with metallic eye shadow to dress up your eyes. With this, you can add mink eyelashes for a bold look. Also, you can play with different color eyeliners other than black. Furthermore, you can make a play by adding a bold lip color and highlighting your face with a glimmer or bronzer to accentuate your features.

Hair/ Hair Accessories:

You have many hairstyles you can wear during this season, along with any festive outfit. Also, your hair can be the main accessory. An effortless style that does not require much time is vital. Because most of the time, while getting dressed, you will spend putting on your clothing, accessories, and makeup. Furthermore, the hairstyle should be simple and quick. An updo with jeweled hair pins or a French braid busted down the middle, pinned with jeweled hair combs on either side. Also, you can wear your hair down in flouncy curls and add a jeweled hairband or a beautiful tiara.


There are so many different designs and shapes that a ashionista can choose. Again, if your nails will be the main accessory, you can go with a very festive design and shape. Your nails décor should match your outfit or complement the garment with its design and colors.


When choosing perfume during this season you can go with a heavier scent. A heavier scent is usually worn in the fall or winter. Make sure to choose a scent that is not overpowering and that will linger well after you have left the room. Also, in lieu of You can go with a heavier scent during this season when choosing a perfume. It is common to wear a heavier perfume scent in the fall or winter. Make sure to choose a scent that is not overpowering and will linger well after leaving the room. Furthermore, in place of perfume, you can also use body oils or scented dusting powdered to accentuate the skin.

Hopefully, these were some helpful beauty tips for the Holidays. May you all have a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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