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Turn your Photos into Wall ART

New Year, New Designs, redecorating My work office, one of my favorite hobbies is home décor. I love interior design. Changing up my personal space keeps me in my happy place. I design my work office so I would not think I was at the office. I call my design Grown and Sexy. I have a green Love Seat, Black and Gold wallpaper: long silky Curtain, a lovely Green and gold Rug With a nice sleek bench. For the past year, I have been telling myself I have to add a design to my bare wall that I face every day.

I brought in some wall art, but it wasn't the style I was looking for, so recently, mix tile came up on my Instagram timeline. If you were not familiar with the name, let me tell you what it is, Mixtiles are prints made from the fantastic photo memories you already have on your phone. Because they use a unique wall-safe adhesive, you never have to worry about mounting, framing, or hanging photos again. These are hands down the perfect way to decorate any room. Mostly I have seen people using Mixtiles for their family photos.

For my office wall design, I wanted something different. So, I have a theme for my wall. I call it the wall of R&B chicks. It's dedicated to my favorite female music groups. I have singing groups of the 60,70, 80's, and 90's and my wall. It's Pop Art. When I purchased my Mixtiles, they had a deal.

I bought a set of eight. All Mixtiles are 8"x 8" each, and you can choose from an assortment of different mattes and frames to suit your style.

It takes about 10 minutes to set up and easily removable if you don't like where you place them, or you want to move onto another wall. I had a fun time hanging on my wall. After placing my Mix tile on my wall, I did change the order of my pictures. I love how easy it was to mount my Pictures. So, if you were looking for a way to bring some cool designs to a boring wall, this Mix tile is an easy and affordable way to change up the look of your room. The easy way to create your Mix tile is using your phone, downloaded the app, or go straight to the website. I went to the website and picked up the picture from my phone gallery. It only took me five minutes to put everything together. I received my Mix tile in less than a week. Once ordered, your Mixtiles will arrive in a thoughtful, damage-resistant package, plus they offer free shipping. If you guys try these out, I would love to see how you design your walls.

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