Why you should go on an Instagram unfollow spree right now

We’re all aware of our growing addiction to our smartphone. We will not leave the house without it and, in most cases, can’t go an hour without checking social media. You might think that you NEED to check up on Celebrities you follow every couple of hours but you’ll be fine without it. 

Instagram is about bringing you closer to the people and things you care about. Still, we know that your interests and relationships can progress and change,” Manually sorting through, trying to remember who people are and seeing them too often or continuously ignore them can be a slow and emotionally draining bore.

If you’ve been trying to figure out when it’s alright to unfollow someone, I’m here to remind you that you can always see someone’s posts on social media. You not obligated to anyone to keep following them despite their annoying posts or irritating photos. Here are 5 good reasons to unfollow someone on Instagram. Feel free to unfollow the accounts that have been bothering you — and make sure that you aren’t guilty of any of the following offenses.

An account picking too many battles: There’s a big difference between posts that encourage thoughtful (and knowledgeable) debate and posts that are explicitly crafted to provoke mean-spirited fights. Your tolerance for witnessing or participating in arguments depends on your personality and your devotion to the friend or character in question.

An account becomes too political: But if an account that you initially followed for another purpose suddenly becomes obsessed with political debates (and starts attracting all kinds of aggressive commenters and vicious arguments), it wouldn’t be unreasonable unfollow.

An account is too automated: As if it weren’t bad enough to spam their followers with self-promotion or excessively Ads posts, some automate their accounts. Also, Most users who automate their social media accounts are just trying to promote themselves or their brands, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be missing valuable content if you elect to unfollow.

An account becomes racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive: Instagram user posts something racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise objectionable, then you don’t even need to think twice about unfollowing. It’s disappointing to suddenly be confronted by the shady views of a friend or a blogger that you liked or also admired. But in an age when people can vote with their clicks and likes, it can be rewarding to unfollow discriminatory people.

An account goes off-topic: You probably follow people to stay updated on the topics that they mention in their bio. So if a user you followed for their insights into traveling, starts posting about their kids instead, or someone you’ve been following for her unique ideas on fashion starts posting too many photos of her daily workout routines, you’re not the only one who’s going to be utilizing the unfollow button.

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