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Pink and Gold Artistic Fashion Influence

I am a writer, cook, traveler, and budget shopper with a knack for interior design and creativity. I think of myself as “Martha Stewart in training” due to my love for learning new things and putting my spin on them. After fulfilling one of my goals of writing a book on couponing, I decided to pursue other interests that curb my enthusiasm. That’s when I became a Real Estate investor as I ventured into an Airbnb business and became a host with my two homes, which I designed on a dime. I received such raved revues on my styling abilities that friends and family labeled me as the stylist-budgetnista!  I was able to mix my love of fashion and interior design, which inspired me to teach others how to do the same. Through my love of travel and exploration, I incorporated it into my life and essentially expressed it through details throughout my home and cuisine. Every room in my house is reminiscent of my personality, mixed with places that I have traveled. Naturally, I love to entertain, and my home is always filled with friends and family as we enjoy wine-tasting dinner nights, exciting movie nights, and delectable Sunday brunch, to name a few.  My blog has a bit of everything for my readers; it truly caters to everyone. It’s full of diversity as I explore new foods, great products, chic clothing, and a potpourri of endless topics. I want my readers to take a piece of my experiences and enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing them with them. So please join me as I embark on my future endeavors.


                   Jillion Trinkets™ A Lifestyle Blog

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