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Pink and Gold Artistic Fashion Influence

    Hello there!

I am multi-talented, passionate about writing, cooking, traveling, and budget shopping. I love to express my creativity through interior design and am often referred to as "Martha Stewart in training" because of my eagerness to learn new things and put my spin on them.


One of my goals was to write a book on couponing, which I achieved, and since then, I've pursued other interests that excite me. For instance, I've become a Real Estate investor and an Airbnb host with two homes I designed on a budget. My styling abilities have received rave reviews from friends and family, who now call me the stylist-budgetnista! I enjoy combining my love of fashion and interior design with teaching others how to do the same. I also incorporate my love of travel and exploration into my life, reflected in my home and cuisine details.


I love to entertain, and my home is always filled with friends and family enjoying wine-tasting dinner nights, exciting movie nights, and delectable Sunday brunches. My blog caters to everyone, featuring diverse topics such as new foods, great products, chic clothing, and more. I hope my readers enjoy my experiences as much as I enjoy sharing them.


Join me as I embark on my future endeavors!

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