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Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Brazilian Limeade - whatever you want to call it, this is one delicious and refreshing drink we enjoy year-round! This easy 5-ingredient recipe is perfect for cookouts and other celebrations!

Taste the sweet and tart deliciousness of Brazilian Lemonade: a refreshing beverage made from freshly squeezed limes and sugar. The lip-smacking drink is a great way to cool off with its bright sunshine-yellow color and sweet-tart flavor. With its unique twist of sugar, condensed milk and a hint of lime, it's sure to please everyone around the table. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to enjoy the delightful flavor of Brazilian Lemonade!

It is called “lemonade,” but there are no lemons in it – just limes. Brazilian Lemonade sounds backward. Don’t ask me why – I haven’t the cloudiest idea why they name it Lemonade! A sweet and easy cocktail, Hard Brazilian Limeade is sweet, tangy, and crazy refreshing, made with sweetened condensed milk and served over ice with plenty of rum! Brazilian Lemonade. The secret ingredient that makes it creamy will have you pouring glass after glass of this refreshing drink. Perfect for hot summer days, the family gets together. It’s a drink that many can enjoy; you can have alcohol and drink it mocktail style. Below you will see I added rum. This recipe will serve six people.


4 juicy limes, washed and scrubbed clean

6 cups water

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk


1 ½ cup Of White Rum


Mix cold water and sugar. Chill until ready to use.

Wash limes thoroughly. Cut off ends and then cut each lime into eighths.

Place half the limes and half the water/sugar mixture in a blender. Pulse 5x. Strain into a pitcher with a fine mesh sieve. Dump pulp in the trash. Repeat with another half of the limes and water/sugar mixture.

Add ice and condensed milk, and rum right before serving. Stir and enjoy.

Recipe Notes

Best if made fresh (just before serving). Please dO NOT attempt to blend the whole recipe at once unless you have a LARGE blender as I do.

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