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Pizza Pizza Storage Container

Updated: Mar 22

Are you one of those busy bees who often orders pizza for the family on days when cooking seems like a difficult task? If yes, then you must be aware of the struggles of storing leftover pizza slices in your fridge. However, worry no more! Our Pizza Pizza Storage Container is here to put an end to all your storage woes.


Our pizza container is not just any ordinary storage solution; it is an innovative and space-saving solution to store your leftover pizza. The container is designed to collapse and expand easily, depending on the number of pizzas slices you have, making it perfect for storing leftover pizza without taking up much space in your fridge. Equipped with Snap-On airtight lids, the container creates a vacuum seal to keep your pizza slices fresh for longer. Moreover, the optional air vent reduces condensation and prevents your pizza from turning soggy.

The container includes five microwavable divider trays that keep your slices from sticking together while storing. It can also double as a pizza plate when you want to reheat a single slice. The container can easily fit slices from any pizzas up to 18 inches, and if you prefer New York-style pizza slices, you can always trim down the side for a perfect fit. Our reusable pizza boxes are made with non-toxic, BPA-free, food-grade silicone, odorless, leak-proof, and non-stick, ensuring the safety of your food.

You can safely store your leftover pizza in the freezer and microwave it when you're ready to eat. The container is also dishwasher safe, making cleaning up after a pizza party a breeze. Whether you're a pizza lover or not, our Pizza Pizza Storage Container is a must-have in your kitchen to keep your food safe, organized, and fresh.


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