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Brown‎ Rice‎ Flour Fried‎ Chicken‎ Wings

Gluten Free Dairy Free Fried Chicken

So today, on the blog, my Hubby, Dwayne, wrote a guest post for us. As some of you may know, my Hubby Dr. Dwayne Rollins is an excellent cook. He has taught me a lot about the science of food. He is also a scientist, so he knows a lot about nutrition and combinations of food and how they affect the body. Well, my Bonus daughter, I don't particularly appreciate using the term stepdaughter has food allergies. She can't have gluten or dairy, or nuts, so she limits what she can eat. So, over the years, Dwayne has been coming up with recipes so she can enjoy the foods that we love.

So, who doesn't love fried chicken? I remember having dinner with Dwayne and the kids, and he made this for the family swear I couldn't tell the difference between using Brown Rice Flour and White Flour. The taste is there. The only difference is the texture. I feel as though The Brown Rice Flour has the chicken crispier, and when you heat it back up, it doesn't get soggy. So, this is my two cents into the post I'm going to let hubby take over.

I‎ came‎ up‎ with‎ this‎ recipe‎ many‎ years‎ ago‎ because‎ my‎ youngest‎ daughter‎ had‎ severe‎ food‎ allergies‎ with‎ many‎ dietary‎ restrictions.‎ ‎ ‎ Therefore,‎ I‎ had‎ to‎ come‎ up‎ with‎ various‎ ideas‎ when‎ cooking‎ so that my daughter could‎ have‎ some‎ semblance‎ of‎ normalcy‎ and‎ inclusivity‎ ‎ when‎ it‎ came‎ to‎ foods.‎ ‎ ‎ I‎ think‎ that‎ brown‎ rice‎ flour‎ makes‎ an‎ excellent‎ fried‎ chicken‎ ‎ on‎ par‎ with‎ and‎ possibly‎ better‎ than traditional‎ wheat-based‎ flour.

Ingredients‎ For‎ Flour‎ Mixture:‎

1‎ cup‎ brown‎ rice‎ flour (Red Mills Brown Rice Flours) This is what We use

2.‎ ‎ 1‎ tablespoon‎ seasoned‎ ‎ salt‎ (I‎ used‎ Lawry's‎ brand)

3.‎ ‎ 1‎ teaspoon‎ garlic‎ powder

4.‎ ‎ 1‎ teaspoon‎ coarse‎ black‎ pepper

5.‎ ‎ 1/2‎ teaspoon‎ onion‎

Mix‎ all‎ the‎ flour‎ mixture‎ ingredients‎ in‎ a small‎ bowl‎ to‎ be‎ used‎ later‎ to‎ coat‎ the‎ chicken

Ingredients‎ for‎ Chicken‎ Seasoning

1.‎ 2‎ to‎ 3‎ pounds‎ chicken‎ wings‎ (rinsed‎ and‎ dried)

2.‎ ‎ 2‎ teaspoons‎ seasoned‎ salt‎ (again,‎ I‎ used‎ Lawry's)‎

3.‎ ‎ 1‎ teaspoon‎ garlic‎ powder

4.‎ ‎ 1/2‎ teaspoon‎ coarse‎ black‎ pepper‎

5.‎ ‎ 1/2‎ teaspoon‎ onion‎ powder‎


Mix‎ all‎ dry‎ seasoning‎ ingredients‎ in‎ a small‎ bowl‎ and‎ then‎ use‎ to coat‎ the‎ chicken‎ wings generously.

Next,‎ heat‎ 2‎ cups‎ of‎ canola‎ oil‎ in‎ a 12-inch‎ skillet‎ (can‎ use‎ cast‎ iron‎ or‎ nonstick‎ skillet)‎ on‎ a medium‎ or‎ medium-high‎ setting.

Then‎ coat‎ the‎ previously‎ seasoned‎ chicken‎ with‎ the‎ seasoned‎ rice‎ flour‎ mixture‎ and‎ shake‎ off‎ excess‎ flour‎. Next, place‎ chicken‎ in‎ heated‎ oil‎ in‎ the skillet‎ (‎I‎ recommend‎ only‎ frying‎ two‎ pieces‎ of‎ the chicken‎ first‎ batch‎ to‎ ‎ gauge‎ proper‎ setting‎ in‎ case‎ adjustment‎ needs‎ to‎ be‎ made)‎ and‎ fry‎ for‎ 8‎ to‎ 10‎ minutes‎ (flipping‎ at‎ the halfway point)‎ until‎ golden‎ brown.

After‎ frying‎ the chicken is complete, place‎ it on‎ paper‎ towels‎ or‎ a drying‎ rack‎ and‎ then enjoy.

If you are looking for some side dishes to go with this Fried Chicken, below you will see a link to some of my favorites side that I have cooked in the last couple of weeks.

I would love to hear how your guys' recipe turned out. I would love some feedback on this dish. You can tag me on Instagram or shoot me an email. I love to see the picture of your Fried Chicken as well.

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