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Budget-friendly Honeymoon Spots

Once the “big day” is celebrated and the knot tightens, most couples go on honeymoon. The chance to travel to an exotic destination and enjoy a romantic trip for two is a dream come true.

Honeymoon planning is one of the most fun activities under the wedding planning umbrella, at least until you get to the price you pay. Because a wedding can be expensive, many couples need to find an affordable option for their post-wedding romantic getaway or create a honeymoon fund so their guests can contribute.

Having a cheap yet blissful honeymoon isn't hard to achieve. Slowly The world is finally getting back to normal, and certain airlines are giving travelers many rewards and bangs for their bucks, so this would be the time to take full advantage of those deals. Instead of having a local wedding, why not add a bit of pizazz and have it in another country like Europe, Mexico, or the Bahamas. For instance, if you reside in California, have your wedding at an inexpensive resort in Mexico. If you live in Georgia, hop on a flight to Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, or the Bahamas. Having a reputable travel agency will allow you to explore your options. Plan and put your budget together to avoid confusion with your plans.

Travel sights like Travelocity and Priceline offer vacation packages and let you pay a small monthly fee through Affirm and Uplift, contingent on your credit score. American Express offers the same type of plan; speaking of credit cards, this will be the time to take advantage of those extra points that you have built up over time. Let's be honest. We all want the finer things in life, but do not allow lack to ruin your honeymoon.

Money should not play a factor in your enjoyment, so be creative it is up to you to make it unique and memorable. For instance: Have the small Cantina or restaurant play your favorite song, it can be managed and planned, the staff will be happy to accommodate you; with a nice little tip, of course, it will not only add to the honeymoon, and it creates special small moments that will last a lifetime. Be adventurist and try something new like parasailing if you are vacationing on an island or going to a wine tasting event if you have never done it before; it is not expensive. It can range from fifty to seventy-five dollars.

Tips on receiving honeymoon perks

  • Add your honeymoon to your wedding registry; mention your honeymoon to the reservationist/concierge when making hotel accommodations.

  • Make sure the airlines know that you are traveling on your honeymoon; you may receive a glass of champagne.

  • Take advantage of any rewards available to you.

  • Travel of season

  • Fly on Saturday or Sunday. You may be able to get a First-class upgrade by asking.

  • Create a honeymoon fund at work or school

  • Plaster it on social media and put your cash app information and hashtag

Here's a list of ten of the most budget-friendly honeymoon spots, according to Ordinary Traveler by Cristy Woodrow. Published January of 2022 @

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