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Easter Decoration Ideas for the Home

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Getting started early on my Easter Decorations, I Wanted to add some contemporary decor to my home. So, I went to home goods on my lunch break to pick up some unique trinkets. I was able to score some new dishes and a nice glass of Eggs and Bunnies. If you have been following my blog, you know I love to decorate for the holiday. This year I am starting super early with these decorations. I am usually designing for Easter in the middle of march, but hey, it is COVID-19 .I look forward to spring, so I am getting in the spirit and decorating my home in Easter Decors this weekend.

I am bringing extra joy to my Easter table this year with festive table top must-haves. My centerpiece for my table is a pink vase I picked up last year from Z-Galleries. I added a bunch of colorful eggs I got from Target. I love to repurpose my dishes and home décor, so I picked up from Home Good this cute pink tree with eggs on it and placed it on top of a cake stand I used for my Galentine Day gathering. I did not want to put it away just yet because it's pink, small, and cute and went with my design love attention to detail décor.

I am going with a bright, colorful flow for my table's cape. I am using pink, purple, and yellow pieces with a pinch of green. Since I am calling my table Easter Décor, I placed plenty of Bunnies and Eggs on my table.

Let us get to these plates; and this is one of my favorite purchases that I picked up from Home Goods last month. These cute bunny plate and saucer are an excellent design for my theme. It is all about the bunny and Easter Eggs. I splurge on these plates, but I know that I will always come in handy other events for my home. I can keep this design until Mother's Day.

My wine and champagne glasses. I got these for a steal last year when my local Pier 1 store was going out of business. Can you believe I only paid two bucks for these colorful glasses? The original price was 14.00 dollars. My favorite is these purple ones. You do not see purple wine glasses a lot. I also added the teal color glass to the table, and I wanted a bright, colorful table this year. So, you will see a lot of different textures, colors, and trinkets on my Easter Table. It is giving more of an Alex in Wonderland Look. My napkin I also got from HomeGoods. I guess you can see my trend. I purchase most of my table décor from HomeGoods, and this is my favorite store to shop for my home.

I have been dying to use these flower napkin holders. I purchased these last summer from Michaels, and it was kind of too late to use them for my table. I added the Bright White flower to my table's head and for my other side of the table. I went with pink and yellow. You guys know I love a great deal. I purchased these holders for two-dollars each, the regular price was 15 bucks.

For my pink sheer table runner, I acquired this from Amazon, my favorite online retailer. Amazon has some beautiful home decors for the right price. If you want to recreate this look, my advice for you is to start shopping now.

Some of my favorite stores for Easter décor are HomeGoods, Target, and Amazon, and for small trinkets, the Dollar store also has unique Easter décor. I used something new, something old, and items I purchased at a discount for my tablescape. You do not have to spend a lot of money to have an elegant look for your table. If you want to have a small Easter celebration with the family having a theme for your table will be a great addition to the family get-together.

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