Home Office Ideas for Women: How to make a Stylish and functional workspace!

Welcome to my office. I’m excited to take you on a little tour and discuss ideas to make your home office to the next level. Nowadays, we all work remotely, spending a lot of time at home in a boring non-functional office. You can easily be distracted by your home amenities so that you will spend more time out of your office than inside your office space. I’m here to show you how to have an all in one office that can work for you. You can relax and take a break in your office and if you like to have a glass of wine to cool off. I’m going to show you how to transform your home office into a magical getaway.  I took a guest bedroom in my home and turned it into my glam room, and I kind of changed my home office to a living room look, I added an ottoman and a minibar in my room.

choose a color scheme:

When you design a home office, choose a color scheme that you love. I decided on an olive green/gold/Teal pallet in my home office, and I love it.

Wallpaper/Accent Color 

It's always a great idea to add Wallpaper or do an accent color to one of your walls. I chose to do both. I wanted Wallpaper on my wall facing my desk and colored the wall near my windows. I wanted this room to pop, and the color flows with my furniture.


When you’re shopping for furniture, make sure to consider your storage needs. Do not buy a writing desk with zero drawers if you need drawers for your files and documents. You’ll also want to invest in a comfy and stylish office chair since you might be sitting in it for eight hours. I added a sofa to my home office for those days that I don’t want to be sitting at a desk all day. I like keeping a pillow and blanket in my office as much as possible too.


To keep a stylish space yet still functional, put your unsightly items away but in a place where they’re still easily accessible.


Mirrors, Plants, and candles are three items that are pretty much my go-to decorative items in any space, so it’s no surprise that I have them in my office. I love a full-length mirror. It makes the room look more prominent, and having a sizable leafy plant helps the energy of the room. Adding picture frames and photos is also an excellent choice for home office ideas for your glam office; I added a picture of my spouse and cool wall frames that motives me. I suggest adding paintings that cheer you up or something you love to keep you in a functional mental space.


I get ton of my home furniture and Décor from online stores like, Wayfair.com Overstock, Houzz and Amazon.com

Must have Items in Your Home Office:

Since we are working from home we are doing a lot of Zoom meetings over the computer and phone, the new must have in your home office is the Clip on Light Reading Lights its 360 ​​° and the long gooseneck can be adjusted to any angle, which greatly facilitates your viewing, video shooting.

Works with most devices that support USB, such as laptops, laptops, USB chargers, USB chargers, AC adapters, and more. This is one of my new favorite items. It makes the room brighter and easy for others to see you. Another great item that became my go-to is the Document holder, its great when I have to type on my laptop, and it holds my paperwork and sticky notes. It helps me with multi-tasking.

I’m going to highlight the Key items for a sleek and Modern Home office

  • Wallpaper

  • Wall Clock

  • Personal Picture

  • Plant

  • Good Lighting

  • Area Rug

  • Ceiling Fan

  • Wall Art

  • Sofa

  • Mirror

I hope you took away some practical and stylish tips to design the home office of your dreams.

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