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Pre & Post Healthy Workout Snack Recipes

Raise your hand if you have committed to going back to the gym or exercise class or have switched up your program. Mine’s up Yes, along with a group of other people who are on the other side of drinking and eating too much, your jeans feel like they shrunk in the wash or you are lacking in strength and energy., COVID have us all gaining unnecessary weight. If you like me, you headed back to the gym, my fitness center just open back up here in New York. If you been working out and do not know what to get before or after a workout, I am here to share my Pre and post workout snacks.

Hey, are you always hungry after a workout? Or feel at a low level of energy if you do not eat before training? People who work out regularly usually need extra healthy snacks to help deal with hunger, fuel their workouts, and aid in post-workout recovery. Here are some of my favorites! I have tried to include various ideas, so those who do not have a kitchen available before and after training can still snack on something nutritious and delicious!

Plan to eat a post-workout snack or meal within one to two hours after a workout to optimize your recovery.

Pre-workout Snacks

These snacks feature low-fiber, easily consumable carbs paired with a bit of protein.

1 to 3 hard-boiled eggs and tangerine (or other fruit)

1 to 2 tbs. of nut butter with a banana

A protein shake or smoothie

A cup of applesauce with protein powder

Half a potato with a spoonful of Greek yogurt

Peach slices and cottage cheese

Post-workout Snacks

These snacks feature complex carbs and muscle-building protein.

Grain bowls of your choice, such as brown rice with veggies and chicken

Plain Greek yogurt with berries and honey

A protein shake or smoothie

Sweet potato topped with a poached egg

Tuna on whole-grain or gluten-free crackers

Corn or whole-grain tortilla with scrambled eggs

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