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These Are A few of My Favorite Things: Amazon Edition

Every couple of weeks, I bring to you guys my favorite purchases that I made, and I called it my favorite things. This week I’m bringing my top five items that I purchase from Amazon for my outdoor picnic. Usually, this time of the year, Dwayne and I would be on a 2-week vacation, but since COVID, many of the places we would visit the borders are closed. SO, I got highly creative and came up with a solution to our date nights and vacation trips. Next week I’m taking Dwayne to Martha Vineyard for his birthday.

What is more romantic than a picnic on the beach? I purchase five items to make our trip to the beach, comfortable, stylish, and unique. I did a test of these items to make sure it will work well for my mini getaway. Below you will see my favorite things, and maybe this will inspire you to have a backyard picnic or a mini getaway like Dwayne and me.

Crystal Wine Glasses set of 4 Slant Rim Great for Red and White Wine by Craftware

If you been following my blog, then you know I love functional glassware. I like a unique built piece of glasses. This piece is beautiful for fancy outdoor dining or it to host a friendly gathering. ‘This exquisite glass presents a fresh approach to experiencing elegant dining. The rim delicately slants at a comfortable, slight angle, enabling you to enjoy the aroma of your favorite wines to the fullest. With a new imaginative design, this glass embodies elegance, practicality, and class’.

Bambusi Portable Picnic Board with Utensils - Natural Bamboo Outdoor Wine Table with Stainless Steel Cutlery

I stumbled across this standing when I was looking for a wine holder. This is a cute and helpful product that serves as a two in one. I can place my wine in the holder and have my cheese board on time. They help so that you will not spill your wine on your blanket. The bamboo outdoor wine and cheese table is the coolest thing to use for the upcoming wine fest.” It is so smart and elegant to put up a lovely outdoor party while guests and friends enjoy a delicious assortment of cheeses, hams, and crunchy crackers that you have prepared. Best of all, this serving platter has the instinct for mingling and conversation.

Picnic Basket Willow for 4 Persons, Large Wicker Hamper Set with Big Insulated Cooler Compartment

What a picnic without a basket? I love this basket, it’s a little pricey but its worth the money because it will last a lifetime/ its an wicker basket that has insulated compartment to keep your food cold. You do not have to worry about your food going bad or not staying cool. Willow basket set is not only looked good, but also very durable. Secure rivets fasten the heavy-duty faux leather handles, long lasting rather than be weak; Tableware are fixed by solid metal rivet and PU/elastic straps, keeping them staying on their place firmly.

Wild in Bloom, Beach Blanket, Oversized Beach Blanket, Picnic Blanket, Extra Large Picnic Blanket

Now you know you need a picnic blanket to go with our basket. We can’t just be laying on the grass or sand. I found this lovely and stylish blanket that has the same color scheme as my basket. With impeccable attention to detail - from the immaculate stitching to the tassel edging to the black, leather straps and Salt emblem - this blanket for outside exudes bohemian elegance. Marrying modernized beauty with a carefree etherealness, you’ll love showing this roll-up blanket off.

Tirrinia 4 Bottle Wine Carrier - Leakproof & Insulated Padded Portable Versatile Wine Carrying Cooler Tote Bag for Travel

You have to carry your wine bottle in its glass. I like to keep my food and alcohol in different containers. This is perfect for keeping your bottle of wine storage because it has its cooler built inside. PU thermal insulated material and 5mm PE foam padding protect your bottles of wine from external collision, keep four bottles of wine intact, and well chilled for hours. Heat-welded technology makes the interior of the wine carrier leakproof and easy to clean. Never worry about wine or other drinks seeping through the wine carrier, smearing the wine bag, and your clothes.

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