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This Week in Fashion: Consignment Shopping

My favorite pastime growing up in Detroit was thrifting. I have been thrifting since I was a child, always in tow with my mom and sisters. I was always able to find a bargain at Goodwill’s as well as vintage shops. When I was younger and lived in Los Angeles, I frequented the consignment and vintage shops on “Melrose Avenue.” I would find the most incredible bargains and vintage items. Then, I would add these pieces and mix them with any new wardrobe I had and still looked one of a kind.

The greatest thing about thrifting was the money I saved, how stylish I was, and getting an item that no one else had. When I was going to college, this was the thing to do. At the same time, I was always in style and dressed well. Today I still do my buying at the consignment and secondhand shops. However, I take the time and invest in pieces that can last a lifetime. Now that I am of age, I still follow this same tradition. I now shop online with eBay, Real Real or Vestaire, and Poshmark, to name a few. I love shopping on these sites, and I find the most extraordinary items and get them for a bargain.

I buy designer pieces, such as clothing articles, designer bags, shoes, and accessories, and get them at a significantly lower rate than if I went and purchased these items on sale. As a result, I often get barely worn or never worn designer fashion at a fraction of the cost. I always look for cult pieces or designers that are collector items. I love designer pieces such as Diane Von Furstenberg wrapped dresses, Jean-Paul Gaultier pieces from the ’90s, Anything Azzedine Alaia, Vintage Gucci bags, Yves Saint Laurent from the Tom Ford era, and Christian Dior pieces from the John Galliano era.

With my years of experience of shopping online. You learn how to look for what you want or have an idea of what you want. Also, I have collected my favorite shops I frequent on eBay and have been a returning regular for over 20 years. I realized shopping on eBay requires much patience at times. However, if you learn how to bid well, you can come out on top and get a bid at a considerably low price.

The other shops, such as the Real Real or Poshmark, do not require you to make a bid. I have included my favorite sites below where you can shop for designer fashions, accessories, shoes, bags, and vintage pieces from the ’90s and before. Remember, style goes around and comes back around, and you can score some great designs to add to any stylish wardrobe. Also, before I forget, Instagram is a great place to shop for vintage clothing. There are a lot of stores you can purchase from directly or on the shop’s website. So please take the time to check out the stores listed under Hashtag #vintagestores or #vintage.

Favorite eBay Stores:





Favorite online ConsignmentStores:

Favorite Online Vintage Shops:


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